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The following is a growing list of published works created by students of the AIM centre which have been acknowledged for their engaging content, innovative style, and the excellence of their production values.

Hello by Jonathan Nix


Fog Eyes by Hamish Koci


Flat by Sebastian Danta

Jonathan, Hamish and Seb off to Stuttgart
The esteemed Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film has accepted three student animated films made by AIM graduates. Colleagues of the same year,2002, Jonathan Nix, Hamish Koci and Sebastian Danta have also been invited to attend the festival.

The Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film is the second largest festival for animated film in the world and the largest event of its kind in Germany. Artistic animated film is the focal point of this Festival. On six festival days and nights several hundred animated films from all continents will be screened in the presence of the directors and producers. In addition to four competition sections, the Festival offers an extensive supporting programme with special presentations and retrospectives, workshops and exhibitions.

Sebastian's film, 'Flat' depicts assorted tales of various lives lived within each closeted flat of a single apartment block. A voyeuristic camera reveals all. 'Flat' has also been screened at Sehsüchte in Potsdam, Germany, Circuito Off Venice International Short Film Festival, Palm Springs International Film Festival USA and the 11th Artfilm Festival, Slovak Republic, 2003.

Hamish's film, 'Fog Eyes', is the story of a young girl who arrives at a hospital to have her fogged-up eyes fixed. But a simple operation becomes complicated when Sister Enid introduces her to the healing powers of God, her soul, and the wicked coma patient in the next bed. Forearmed with this information, she finds her own cure. Set to a poem written by the director. 'Fog Eyes' has also screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival, and the International Student Animation Festival of Ottawa (SAFO) Canada, 2003.

Jonathan's film 'Hello' is a stylish hand drawn animation about the eternal quest to communicate. In a digital world, can analogue find companionship? A lovesick loner struggles unsuccessfully to find the right words. A wise old gramophone has the answer. ‘Hello’ was an ATOM Awards recipient of "Best First Animated Film" and finalist in the "Best Tertiary Animation" and "Best General Animation" categories. It was also accepted for screening at the Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia, Edinburgh Film Festival, Scotland, Anima Mundi, Brazil, and at the Cartoon Club, Rimini, Italy, 2003. Since graduating, Jonathan has been working on animated music video clips and is one of 5 AIM graduates commissioned to produce animated films for the forthcoming SBS Fairytales series.

Congratulations to all!!



Murmur is screened widely
Kate Mathews has had considerable success with her animated film 'Murmur'. Murmur was Kate's 2001 graduating animated film which has not only been selected for screening at several Australian film festivals, but also at the following international festivals -

The Edinburgh International Film Festival, August 2002, KROK International Animated Film Festival, Russia, August 2002, CinemaTexas International Short Film Festival, September 2002, Matita Film Festival, Chieti, Italy, September 2002, Corto Imola Festival, Italy, November 2002, Interfilm International Short Film Festival Berlin, November 2002, The Sprocket Ensemble's 'Ideas in Animation', Oakland, California, November 2002, Women in the Director's Chair Festival, Chicago, March, 2003

Kate also attended the Berlinale Talent Campus, Germany, which was run as part of the Berlin Film Festival. It was set up to offer "young authors, producers, directors, cameramen and actors the opportunity to learn from and discuss with experienced professionals and to reflect on career perspectives." 500 young/ emerging film-makers from around the world spent 6 days attending workshops and seminars with experienced professionals such as Wim Wenders, Dennis Hopper, Spike Lee, Tom Tykwer, Antony Mingella and many more. They also had access to Berlin Film Festival Events and the European Film Market.

Congratulations Kate!


Sailor's Dream



ATOM award winners 2002

AIM 2001 student, Lisa Richards, won best in the category for her 2nd semester major production at the recent Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) Awards, May 2002. Lisa's animation 'Sailor's Dream' (left), won ATOM's 'Best Tertiary Animation' Award.

Congratulations to Lisa!

AIM Masters research student, Mark Guglielmetti, and his colleagues from the Faculty of Constructed Environment RMIT, Jonathan Duckworth and Lawrence Harvey, who make up Metraform, received the ATOM award for "Outstanding Virtual Experience" for the immersive (aka 'virtual reality') digital art installation Symbiosis.

Congratulations to Mark and the Metraform team!


City of Spare Parts



ATOM award winners 2001

Two AIM 2000 graduates, Samantha Fermo and Irina Goundortseva, won best in their category for their 2nd semester major productions at the recent Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) Awards, May 2001.

Samantha Fermo's Interactive work 'City of Spare Parts' (top), won ATOM's 'Best Tertiary Multimedia' Award. Samantha's piece was also selected for exhibition at 'Fusion', St Kilda Film Festival's Multimedia forum. City of Spare Parts is "a hybrid city built from a collection of disparate encounters experienced within our city landscape."

Irina Goundortseva's animated film, 'COG' won ATOM's 'Best Tertiary Animation' Award 2001. COG also recently won the First Prize in the student category at the Vancouver Special Effects Film Festival 2001 and has been invited to be part of the "Stars of Students" program at Hiroshima Film Festival 2002. Irina received funding from Australian Film Commission to attend this festival.

'COG' is a digitally composited 2D animation which depicts the story of a unique soul who faces the closed-mindedness of his mechanised society. This piece was Irina's major project. Her 1st semester project, 'Insatiable', won the third prize in the same category at Vancouver. Since graduating from the course last year, Irina has found work as a digital compositor in one of Melbourne's most creative production houses.
Congratulations to Irina and Samantha!



Other ATOM winners 1995 - 2000

AIM student productions have had considerable success at the Australian Teachers of Media Awards over recent years. Other recipients have included: 'Whyspers' (left) by Lindsay Cox, 'Best Tertiary Animation' Award 2000. 'Travels with Cod' by Gwyn Wethereld, 'Best Australian Game' 1995. 'Arlecchino' by Rosanna Morales, 'Best Australian Educational Interactive for the Young' 1995. 'The Swear Club' by Michael Buckley for 'Best Arts/Innovative Work' 1995. 'Totally REDiculous' by Greg Zaritski, 'Most Entertaining Product' and 'Best Use of Sound in a Multimedia Product' 1996. 'The Flight Of Ducks' by Simon Pockley, 'Best On-line Product' and shared 'Premier's Gold Award' 1996. 'If It Wasn't For The Rubber' by Jennie Swain was awarded 'Secondary Student Jury' prize, 1997.


Matt goes to MILIA

Matthew Riley's interactive work, 'Memo', was selected for exhibition at the prestigious 'New Talent Pavilion' at MILIA, Cannes, France 2001. Matthew was a 2000 graduate of AIM's Graduate Diploma program. The work was judged by an international panel as being the best student production originating from the Australasia region.

Memo is a journal-like collection of imagery, text and observations that looks at the permeation of the mediascape, technology and popular culture with the everyday. Intrigued by how this convergence shapes and influence what we perceive as self, experience, memory and identity I have examined and re-presented visual and verbal material derived from daily life-sounds, samples, imagery, text and language.

MILIA is the world's premiere marketplace and exposition for interactive content. The aim of its New Talent Pavilion is to "bring together a selection of the best multimedia student talents from the best courses around the globe, ready to integrate the professional world". Matthew was flown over to Cannes to exhibit his work. Matthew has also been nominated for RMIT's Alumni Hall of Fame!

Congratulations Matt!


sophie raymond

Sophie goes to Annecy

Sophie Raymond's animated film "Essence of Terror" was recently accepted for screening at the Annecy Animation Festival, France. Annecy is one of the world's largest animation film festivals. Sophie, a 1997 Graduate Diploma student, made "Essence" for her major examination piece. It is a claymation film about a boy who explores the contents of the bathroom's medicine cupboard. He discovers some delicious green liquid which turns him into an adolescent rather more quickly than is good for him.

Sophie animated her story frame by frame onto 16mm film. It was post-produced on video using the Centre's Avid Media Composer. Last year Sophie was successful in applying for an Australian Film Commission grant which provided funding to take the production through to a 16mm print. "Essence of Terror" has proved very popular with its audience and has been picked up for distribution by the Australian Film Institute.

Read about Sophie's animated adventure.


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