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"Many a philosopher has observed that a person's physical environment greatly determines how he will behave and what he is apt to do. One historian of animation has claimed that the old studio in Hyperion Avenue at the far eastern edge of Hollywood was largely responsible for the innovation and imaginative thinking of the artists who worked inside." - Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, The Illusion of Life

The AIM Studio is a remarkable place where an amazing number of diverse artistic works have been produced. Our coursework program relies on intensive engagement with making things. Our studio environment sustains this creative practice in tangible ways and collectively we all need to look after our 'home' by giving it the respect it deserves.


As a postgraduate student of RMIT, you need to apply for a 24 hour Access Card. This card will give you access to our building and the AIM Centre and its facilities outside normal University hours. However, this access is conditional on fulfilling certain obligations. It is vital that this privilege is not abused as not only could it lead to the confiscation of your card, but could affect the after hour access to our studio of your colleagues. Please read the following points carefully.


1. Your card is the property of RMIT. It must not be handed over to anyone else. If security find your card in the hands of someone else, they will confiscate it and you will not get it back and you will forfeit all your security access privileges.

2. Please keep it in a safe place, if lost please inform RMIT Security immediately on 9925 2051.

3. We suggest you keep a record of the card number.

4. Campus hours are 7:30am to 9:30pm Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours, all external doors are magnetically locked. This is indicated by the red LED light located on the handle of all these doors.

5. Your card will unlock one of these external magnetically locked doors, and one only. It is the door to Building Number 9 on Bowen Lane. To unlock the door, move your card across the face of the black pad, found on the left side of the door. The card can still be in your wallet when you do this, and it should still work. The magnetic lock will then be turned off for a short moment, and you can push the door open. The lock will then quickly turn back on. When leaving from the inside building, you do not need to use your card, but instead press the big black button, which will then temporarily unlock the door.

6. Do not prop doors open when they are magnetically locked. If these doors are kept open for more than a minute it starts flashing a warning signal at the security centre and a guard will (most times) come around to see what the problem is.

5. New card holders please go to “Security” Gatehouse, Franklin St entrance Monday to Friday and Security staff will instruct you on how the card operates.

9. Failure to comply with conditions of issue may result in card forfeiture.


1. This card is for your personal use to help you undertake course projects. Your access card will open the door to Building 36 and the AIM studio. It does NOT allow access for your friends, family or whomever you feel like bringing in. If you require production personnel to assist you on your project out of hours, you will need to inform David, Jeremy, John, Kate or Matt the day before (or on Friday, for the weekend) so that they can make special arrangements with Security.

2. If you are the last to leave, please turn off all lights, music systems, computers etc, and ensure the door has fully closed behind you.

3. In case of emergency, Security’s phone number is 9925 2051. You are reminded that the studio is open for business from 8am. We have observed that this is a quiet time of the day when you will have little trouble in gaining access to equipment and facilities.

4. Please don’t use this increased level of access to the studio as an excuse to shift your working day into the evening. It is unfair to expect staff to attend to your needs after 5pm (our official finish time).

5. On weekends and late at night on weekdays, security will come through and ask anyone they find to show their Access Card. Some guards may just ask if you have it on you, but others will insist that you show it to them even though you've shown it to the same guard the night before and the night before that. This happens to the staff as well. If the person cannot produce a card, or does not have a special arrangement made for them by AIM staff, the guard will ask them to leave. So it is important to keep your card with you, and that any production personnel you have in after hours have been cleared with AIM staff via a memo to Security.

6. Good relations with Security staff are essential to the smooth running of the course, especially towards the later part of the year when production resources are in high demand. Please do not be rude to or argue with Security staff. Their job of ensuring the security of a widely dispersed campus is difficult one. Like any other group of human beings, you will find that each has her or his own personality. Some will be more tolerant than others. If you are asked to leave for any reason, please comply promptly and inform us of any problem. Our past experience has been that they are very tolerant of our activities, so let's keep it that way.

Please abide by these simple rules so as not to jeopardize continued access to the Centre later in the year. Thank you for your cooperation.