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"Many a philosopher has observed that a person's physical environment greatly determines how he will behave and what he is apt to do. One historian of animation has claimed that the old studio in Hyperion Avenue at the far eastern edge of Hollywood was largely responsible for the innovation and imaginative thinking of the artists who worked inside." - Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, The Illusion of Life

The AIM Studio in its various incarnations is a remarkable place where an amazing number of diverse artistic works have been concieved and produced. Our coursework program relies on intensive engagement with making things and our studio environment respects
and sustains this creative practice in tangible ways. Its walls 'speak' of the rich history of things made within this space and in doing so provides a challenge to each new group of students that make it their home.

1992-94, our studio above an old fire station in Hawthorn.

1995-2007, staff member Jeremy Parker puts the finishing touches on our large well-lit purpose built studio. Facilities include a computer laboratory, tutorial room, puppet animation studio, sound recording booth, specialised post-production rooms, animation rostrum cameras, and a masters research lounge.

Students decorate their studio, 1996.

2007, early morning sun streams into our Building 9 studio. All is quiet.

2008, our new purpose built studio in Building 36 awaiting the start of a busy year to creative production.