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The following is a growing list of published works created by students of the AIM centre which have been acknowledged for their engaging content, innovative style, and the excellence of their production values.


The Swear Club

Three Mile Creek

Writer's Block

MILIA, Cannes, France, is the world's premiere marketplace and exposition for interactive content. The following student work was selected for exhibition at MILIA's prestigious 'New Talent Pavilion'. These works were judged by an international panel as being the best student productions originating from the Australasian region and were the sole representatives from our part of the world at the Pavilion.

2001 - 'memo' by Matthew Riley. Memo is an interactive journal-like collection of imagery, text and observations that looks at the permeation of the mediascape, technology and popular culture with the everyday. Intrigued by how this convergence shapes and influence what we perceive as self, experience, memory and identity I have examined and re-presented visual and verbal material derived from daily life-sounds, samples, imagery, text and language.

- 'Writer's Block' by Nicole McKinnon. Nicole used animation to create a humourous yet instructive interactive piece about the problems facing would-be-writers. It includes presentations by professional authors.

1997 - 'Three Mile Creek' by Alyssa Rothwell. European audiences responded warmly to the uniquely Australian flavour of this work which depicted recollections of growing up on a farm in the Aussie 'outback'.

1996 - Two student multimedia pieces, 'The Swear Club' by Michael Buckley and 'Totally REDiculous' by Greg Zaritski were selected to represent the Australasian region in Milia's New Talent Pavilion '96. Both students received funding from the State Government to attend the expo. Greg Zaritski also received funding from Australian Multimedia Enterprise to take the characters and concepts he created in his student production and commercially develop them. Office of the Premiere News Release, 1996.

1995 - 'Autograph' by Mark Lycette. There was great interest in Mark's beautifully design multimedia piece and he was asked to give a special presentation at Canne, as was subsequently invited to get a special lecture at a UK design school. Mark's MILIA opportunity led him to accept an offer to work in Vienna for a number of years.



Totally REDiculous

The Flight Of Ducks

Haiku Dada

Australian Teachers Of Media Multimedia Awards (ATOM Awards)

1995 - Out of five initial finalists, three interactive student productions won highly acclaimed ATOM Multimedia awards in open competition with industry entries in 1995. 'Travels with Cod' by Gwyn Wethereld for "Best Australian Game", 'Arlecchino' by Rosanna Morales for "Best Australian Educational Interactive for the Young", 'The Swear Club' by Michael Buckley for "Best Arts/Innovative Work".

1996 - ATOM / AIMIA - International Multimedia Awards. Of the eight AIM student works entered, seven were nominated for an award. In the 20 award categories, these works were nominated 16 times, competing directly with entries from commercial production houses. Three AIM productions were finalists in the "Most Creative Product" and "Best Animation/Video in Multimedia" categories. 'Totally REDiculous' by Greg Zaritski won two awards. The "Most Entertaining Product"and "Best Use of Sound in a Multimedia Product". 'The Flight Of Ducks' a world wide web site by AIM PhD candidate, Simon Pockley, won the "Best On-line Product" and shared in the "Premier's Gold Award". Simon's award winning site can be browsed at: 'Discover Victoria' by AAV Business Communications, won "Best Corporate Product". This commercial production was project managed by current Masters student, Ian Buchanan.

1997 - ATOM - Australian Teachers of Media Awards 'If It Wasn't For The Rubber' by Jennie Swain was awarded "Secondary Student Jury" prize.

1995 - National Educational Media Network, Los Angeles 'Arlecchino' also won the Gold Apple Award for "Best Educational CD ROM"





The Swear Club

Four postgraduate student works - 'Idea-On!' by Troy Innocent, 'Robot Cycle' by Elena Popa, 'Autarky ' by Kim Bounds and 'Autograph' by Mark Lycette were selected for the CeBIT video wall at the European Information Technology Conference, 1995. This conference was co-hosted by Australia and opened by the then Prime Minister, Paul Keating.

An interactive multimedia installation - 'Mattress', produced by 1995 postgraduate students was invited to exhibit at the prestigious National Gallery of Victoria.

Student works 'Robot Cycle' and 'Autarky ' were displayed at the 'Space & Sound' Exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Also in Sydney, the Australian Museum of Contemporary Art, mounted a very popular exhibit - "Burning the Interface". Two student interactive productions - 'The Swear Club' by Michael Buckley and 'Haiku Dada' by Felix Hude, received much acclaim. Such was the success of this exhibition that it has commenced a nationwide tour and is now showing in Melbourne.

'Haiku Dada' has also been exhibited at 'Virtualities' at Scienceworks, the Melbourne Fringe Festival, the Perth Fringe Festival and has been accepted next year in the Rotterdam Film Festival 'Exploding Cinema'.

Several student interactive games took part in 'Cyberzone' multimedia exhibit at ScienceWorks museum during 1996. These innovative works are controlled by sound, light and pressure sensors.

'Three Mile Creek' a CD Rom interactive by Alyssa Rothwell, has been exhibited at 'Techne' in Perth. It was also selected as part of the "e~Media" Experimenta interactive CD-Rom gallery at the Centre for Contemporary Photography sponsored by Arts Victoria. It is also due to tour Holland later this year.

Masters candidate, Andrew Garton has been invited to exhibit his MA research project 'OMA - An Opera On The Web' as a work-in-progress at the 'Ars Electronic Centre', Austria. Andrew's work can be reviewed <here>


Forever Young

This Way Up


Noeleen's Big Snatch

Three AIM student films were selected for the 1995 St Kilda Film Festival. These films were: 'The Hooowling' by Louise Craddock, 'Forever Young' by Michael Buckley and 'Vinaigrette' by Rebakah Farr. 'Forever Young' won two awards in this festival - "Best Achievement in Visual Innovation", and an award given by Film Victoria - "Excellence in Filmaker's Craft". 'Forever Young' was also selected for screening at the London Film Festival, Stuttgart International Animation Festival and Melbourne International Film Festival. At the Melbourne Film Festival it was accompanied by another of our student films from that year, 'Lilly and the Yellow Cake' by Trace Balla.

'Vinaigrette', 'Lilly' and 'Highwire' by David Jones were chosen by the Australian Film Institute for a special screening of short films to tour major Australian cities.

'Penguins off the Page' by Jon Rowdon was selected for the Hiroshima Animation Festival, Japan,1996, the Melbourne International Film Festival, the International Wildlife Film Festival ,Montana, 1997 and the British Wildscreen Media Festival where it competed with a David Attenborough production to be a finalist for the coveted Panda Awards.

1996 - Internationale Film Festival, Aminalier du Albert, France 'Penguins Off The Page' won a $1,000 "Special Jury Prize"

1997 - International Wildlife Film Festival, Montana 'Penguins Off The Page' was awarded "Best Amateur Film", "Merit Award for Use of Humour", "Merit Award for Special Effects" and "Merit Award for Good Communication with a Young Audience".

1996 - Australian Effects and Animation Festival, Sydney 'Noeleen's Big Snatch' an animated film by Susan Earl, won "Best Student Animation"




Seven student films have been screened nationally on SBS Television. 'Bert' by Craig Ross, 'Lucky Dip' by Julian Chapple, 'Forever Young' by Michael Buckley, 'Penguins off the Page', by Jon Rowdon, 'If It Wasn't For The Rubber' by Jennie Swain, 'Jawpan' and 'The Noodle Film' by Troy Innocent, 'Still Life With Areoplane' by AIM Artist-in-Residence, Lloyd Weir.

'Lilly and the Yellow Cake' was screened in the Australian Festival of Children's Television on Channel Seven, 1996.




Past graduates of the Animation & Interactive Media course were invited to contribute to a special bonus issue of a nationally distributed magazine 'ArtLink'. The theme of the edition was artists working with digital technology. These interactive productions were presented on a CD-Rom included on its cover. It is believed that this is the first Art magazine in the world to include such a collection of interactive artworks on its cover.


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The calibre of past and present AIM students is further evidenced by their success in gaining competitive grants for their personal and professional projects. The value of these grants between 1995-99 is $1,857,800!