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Required Submissions for the following courses:

  • Storytelling COMM2172 (Scriptwriting)
  • Concept Development COMM2168 (Production Assignments)
  • Collaborative Studio Practice COMM2351 (Group Project)
  • Individual Studio Practice COMM2352 (Minor Project)


  1. All Submissions must include handing in the following submission sheet:

    Submission Cover Sheet

    If the work is located on-line or on tape, include another sheet along with the cover sheet, which explains exactly where the work is located - full web address, tape name and time location on tape, etc.

  2. A reminder that there are mark penalties for late submission.


AIM Submission Dates

Concept Development

Community + Practice (Blog)
Wednesday 5th May, 5.00pm

Agents + Behaviour
Wednesday 7th April, 5.00pm

Form + Image
Wednesday 14th April, 5.00pm

Time + Perspective
Wednesday 28th April 5.00pm

Minor Project Pitch
Friday May 14th 5.00pm

Hunters and Gatherers
Thursdays over 1st Semester


Assignment #1
Tuesday 30th March, 5:00pm

Assignment #2
Wednesday 14th of April, 9.30am

Assignment #3
Tuesday 27th of April, 5:00pm

Assignment #4
Tuesday 11th of May, 5:00pm

Critical Review Presentation
Friday the 21st of May by 5.00pm

Major project script or interactive overview and treatment
Tuesday the 25th of May 5.00pm

Research Presentation
Rolling deadlines for individual students. Presentations will take place at 9:30am on Tuesdays from weeks 4 to 9.
A hard copy of presentations will be submitted on the day of presentation.


Collaborative Studio Practice

Cutout Project
Monday 22nd March

Room Project
Monday 12th April

Group Project Launch
Monday 17th May


Individual Studio Practice

Minor Project
Thursday 10th June