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Week #13 (10th of October-15 th of October)


'Hunters and Gatherer's Lunch'

12:00 pm - 2.00pm

Guest Speaker-Astrid Scott from ABC Innovation

This week we will hear from Astrid Scott from ABC Innovation. Astrid has a long history of involvement in the devlopment of interactive works. Prior to moving to ABC Innovation in 2009, Astrid spent a number of years in Content Development at ACMI. Amongst the many cutting edge works produced by ABC Innovation is this work Gallipoli: The First Day, this project was the winner of the Inaugural AFI award for Innovation in Screen Content in 2009.

Astrid is currently undertaking a three month secondment to Radio National and will return to ABC Innovation in 2012.

Again, can you please ensure that if you are planning to attend the H&G talk and take part in lunch with your colleagues, that you arrive by 12pm in order to contribute to the organisation of this process.




Visit #1

ABC Kids Online
10 Selwyn Street, Melbourne 3185
9524 2270

Australian Broadcasting Corporation is Australia's national broadcaster. It first radio broadcast went to air in 1932. ABC launched its online offereings in August 1995. Our host, David Glen, is the Producer of ABC Kids Playground, an online learning and games web portal with easy access to everything about ABC Kids (favourite characters and TV programs) as well as many other ongoing online and broadcast projects developed for children.

Kate will be leaving AIM at 10:00 am to catch a train to Elsternwick. Elsternwick is on the Sandringham line. If you make your own way there, meet us outside the ABC Kids Online offices at 10:50am


Thursday the 8th OF SEPTEMBER

'Hunters and Gatherer's Lunch'

1:00 pm - 2.00pm

This week we will hear from Ben Joss. Ben is an award winning Editor who has worked for the past decade across long and short form works for live action film, animation and television. Ben has also worked as a special effects supervisor on a number of television series and a producer of short, independant films. Amongst the projects Ben has recently worked on are Australian feature 'Matching Jack' and Stephen Speilberg's epic World War II series 'The Pacific'.

The Joss House

Week #6 (22rd-26th August)

Weekly mentoring continues.* Please note changes to Studio Tour.



Visit #1

Chocolate Liberation Front

Suite 1/86 Wellington Street

The Chocloate Liberation Front (CLF) is a cutting-edge, independent production company focused on high-quality and innovative entertainment projects. Located in Melbourne and Toronto, Chocolate Liberation Front creates and produces projects for the international marketplace. Focusing on creative concepts that work across television, film, online, publishing and emerging platofrms, the company offers a contemporary approach and understanding of the international market.The company has offices in Toronto and Melbourne. There are currently three AIM grauates working at the CLF.

I will be leaving from AIM at 9:40 to catch the #86 on Bourke St. Catch the #86 Tram up Smith Street and get off at the corner of Gertrude and Smith Streets and continue along Langridge Street to Wellington St. Turn left up Wellington Street.Turn t. Walk to your right, away from the city to Wellington Street.The studio is on Wellington Street between Waterloo Road and Robert Street.

Tram Map

Studio Visit #2

Please note that the iloura visit originally scheduled for today has been postponed until Septmeber.


Pre-production pitch session. See Second Semester Shedule for



In week 7 we will not have Studio Tour visits or a Guest Speaker, these programmes will resume in Week #8.


Week #5 (15th-19th August)

Weekly mentoring continues.* Please note changes to Studio Tour.



Visit #1

*3:45-4:45 pm
The Melbourne Planetarium

2 Booker Street,

The Melbourne Planetarium

The Melbourne Planetarium is located at Scienceworks Museum in Spotswood. It features a 16m domed ceiling, reclining seats, a stereo surround sound system and has recently been upgraded to incorporate Sky-Skan's DigitalSky projection system. This new full-dome video projection system blankets the hemispherical dome with a single seamless, super high-resolution video image. The result is spectacular colour and movement like never before, creating a unique immersive environment and awe-inspiring astronomical experience.

Melbourne Planetarium shows are informative and entertaining for a wide range of audiences. Each show involves a half-hour pre-recorded audiovisual feature that explores an astronomical topic from an angle that is occasionally humorous or quirky but always educational. Melbourne Planetarium shows employ the talents of some of Australia's most creative scriptwriters, actors, visual designers, composers and sound post-production professionals.

Meet at AIM at 2:30pm or catch the Werribee train from Flinders Street and get off at Spotswood Station. The path to Scienceworks is clearly marked from the station. We will meet outside of the Planetarium at 3:30pm. There are two or three lovely cafes in the main street of Spotswood, so if you arrive early, go and have a coffee.

Train Map



1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
'Hunters and Gatherer's Lunch'
With special guest speaker Dr Nick Kalincos

Dr Nick Kalincos (AIM 2000) Will be joining us for this Thursday's
Hunter Gatherer's Lunch. Nick is a most impressive hyphenate, he's
a biochemist-cartoonist-artist-animator.Nick's work has covered a broad,
spectrum including film clips, commercial commissions, grant based

production and community projects. You can have a look at some
of Nicks work right here and be very impressed.

Week #3 (1st-5th August)


Today we will visit two companis, Viskatoons and Musis and Effects, details of visits follow.


18 River Street, Richmond

Viskatoons has been involved with international animation co-productions for 10 years. The company develops and produces original global content for the children’s and youth market and has received international acclaim and awards for its concepts and designs. Company head Peter Viska is the creator and co-producer, with the Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF), of the Li’l Elvis Jones and the Truckstoppers series, which became the first official animation co-production between France and Australia. Viskatoons’ philosophy is to have as much fun creating the content as viewers have watching it.
Peter Viska is a former graduate of an earlier incantation of our program. He has employed many AIM graduates and has been a great supporter of the course. He is a member of AIM's industry adviser committee and offers a student prize at our end-of-year screening.

Directions: Meet at AIM at 9:30am OR meet outside of Viskatoons at 10:20pm. From the city, catch either the 48 or 75 tram and get off at stop 22. You will need to walk back to River St and it will be on your left, heading toward the city. You'll find a comprehensive tram map at the link below.

Tram Map

Street Map

Music and Effects

1 Yarra Street

South Yarra

Music and Effects is an award winning sound post production studio. It is a Dolby Digital® licensed facility servicing feature films, television dramas/series, animation, documentaries and DVD productions in all formats.

Directions: Meet outside of Music and Effects at 12:50pm. Take the Sandringham train from Flinders Street station and get off at South Yarra. Turn left as you leave the station. The first street you come to is Yarra St, it runs down the side of South Yarra station.Music and Effects is on the right hand side.

Street Map


'Hunters and Gatherer's Lunch'
with special guest speaker Lachlan Dean.
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Lachlan is a animator, designer, coder and a gradute of the AIM course in 2006. Recently he has been working on the design and implementation of the user interface for the game Cars - Race O Rama on the DS and PSP at Tantalus, as well as other games for the DS, PSP and Wii. Lachlan has recently embarked on a freelance career and is working across a range of interesting interactive projects.

Previous efforts include working at Cummins Nitro, developing web sites, advertisements and animations for a range of clients (The Great Barrier Reef, Natures Own, Virgin, Vic Uni). As well as freelance work involving projection graphics for bands, a few animations for Life Lounge.

Week #2 (25-29 July)

-Wednesday the 27th of July by 5:00pm
Major Project Treament & Flowchar or Script. Please see the Second Semester Schedule for details

-Thursday the 27th of July

'Hunters and Gatherer's Lunch' with special guest speaker John Power.
1:00 pm - 2.00pm

Please note that, as with Semester 1, we'd ask you to be in the studio by 12pm to help hunt & gather lunch and help to set up for our Guest Speaker.

Week #1 (18-22 July)

-Monday the 18th of July, 10am
Screening in studio of Minor Projects followed by an outing. We'll lunch at the Dumpling House and stroll about the NGV for the afternoon.

-Thursday the 21st of July, 10am
Major Project Pitch. Please see the Second Semester Schedule for details