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Animation Project #3
Key Poses
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Choose a physical action and try to represent this in at least two key-pose drawings that illustrate the extremes of that action. As you may discover, some actions require at least 3 poses to be successfully depicted as a preparatory pose is often necessary. You might also choose to develop drawings that show a character going through a change of its emotional state.

Refer to the notes on Pose to Pose Animation to give you further insights into this assignment.

For this assignment you will use pencils, punched paper, peg bars, field guides, animation discs and a 'pencil-tester'. Hand-drawn animation is still a widely used animation technique and can imbue the work with a strong personal style which is unique to the artist and the graphic drawing tools she or he uses.


To gain practice in trying to analyse an action so that it can be represented in a couple of drawings that are expressive as possible. This is a fundamental step towards creating longer storytelling sequences in which action-based event drive the plot. The poses that you develop could become part of a animated roll-over image on your personal web page. See also:

Animation Principes

Pose to Pose Animation


Friday 27th March 2009
This is a project that you can do at your desk using pencil and paper. Work rough during the testing phase.

"They tell ne I'm just a
collection of inbetweens without
key poses. That's tragic because
I love posing"


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