Education Pathways for Youth in the Northern Region of Melbourne

Youth Allowance Impact Project

On July 1 1998, the Federal Government introduced the Common Youth Allowance to replace a range of income supports for students and job seekers under the age of 25. To receive a Youth Allowance, young people under 18 years of age will have to be engaged in full-time education or training from January 1 1999. This applies if they left school after July 1997 and if their parents pass the income test.

The Youth Allowance Impact Project continues initiatives taken by the Northern Area Consultative Committee over the past three years in relation to its Youth Employment Strategy. The project is funded by DEETYA and managed by Northern Interactive Education Coordinated Area Program (NIECAP).

The Youth Allowance Impact Project is an action research project, which aims to:

This directory is a listing of known programs that are currently available for the potential early school leaver in the north of Melbourne. It will be updated throughout the life of the project.

Providers wishing to have information about their programs updated should contact the project officers Laila Fanebust or Ian Harrison with the relevant details. The information is correct at the time of publication.

Youth Allowance Impact Project
PO Box 71
Phone : (03) 9925 7774
Fax : (03) 9467 8583


Program and Location


Target Group, Program Team, Length & Level

Links and Outcomes


Critical Characteristics/ Determinants of Success


Vocational Preparation Program

Epping SC

Hermann Ritzinger

Work and Vocational Education Coordinator

9401 2599



Available to students at the completion of Year 10.

Students considered to be at risk of not succeeding in Year 11 are counselled into the program. The counselling process involves parents.

The Year 11 Coordinator in conjunction coordinates program with the Work and Vocational Education Coordinator.


Pathways into:

  • Mainstream VCE.
  • Pre- vocational training programs.
  • Employment


Incorporates a range of modified VCE studies as well as some TAFE modules.

VCE studies include:

English, Technology Design & Development- Wood, Materials & Technology- Metal and Graphic Communication.

Students complete an "in house" Maths program.



Similar programs run by the college have led to positive employment outcomes for participating students.


Young Adult Industry Training Scheme (YAITS)

Epping SC/

Kangan Batman TAFE

Hermann Ritzinger 9401 2599

Jenny Molan 9353 1870



Year 9/10 students experiencing difficulties in the traditional school system and have a high interest in the automotive industry.

Program length 1 year.

Term 1- Full time at Epping SC, Terms 2,3 & 4 - 1 day per week attendance at Kangan Batman.



Based on the formation of collaborative and cooperative partnership between Epping SC and Kangan Batman TAFE.

Program provides a pathway into mainstream vocational training or employment through the delivery of an automotive focused program that makes use of the students' natural interest in cars and driving.


Combines an introduction to a range of automotive trades with literacy, numeracy and goal setting.


Proposed pilot between the two providers for introduction in 1999, however aims to:

  • Maximise opportunities for students at risk of not having their educational needs met in a positive way.
  • Improve self confidence, literacy and numeracy skills and personal capabilities.


VCE - Industry Work Link Program

Lalor North SC

Michael Naismith

9401 3888



Year 11 students seeking an alternative to the traditional VCE


Program assists students to gain work-related skills for future employment options and Year 11 VCE subjects.

Program designed so that students can see the relevance of their school subjects to the workplace, reinforcing the value of each.



Modified selection of Year 11 VCE subject subjects.

Work placements one day per week.


Provides the opportunity for students to:

Gain workplace awareness and skills.

See how school studies relate to the workplace.

Experience "hands on learning" as part of their VCE studies.

Enhance their employability.

Build personal confidence.

Tutoring Program

Lalor Living & Learning Centre

Ivana Csar

9465 6409


Program offered to primary and secondary students aged between 7 - 18 years.

Ratios of 4 students to 1 tutor with individual computer access.


Includes youth referred because of school refusal and at risk of "dropping out."



Youth Retail


(Preston/Reservoir Adult Community Education)

Libby Barker

9462 6077


15 - 24 years, including early school leavers.

14 students, 15 hours per week for 8 weeks.


Program provides pathways into:

  • TAFE sector.
  • Further vocational training.
  • Employment.


Modules include:

  • Introduction to retailing.
  • Communication in the retail environment.
  • Numeracy for retailing.
  • Work Experience (optional).


Certificate II in Retail Operations.

Increased self-confidence set routines and increased social contacts.

Vocational Pathways Program

Mill Park SC

Garry Wynne

9436 7832




Year 10 students considered being at risk of not completing either Year 10 or VCE.

Pilot program for Year 10 students in 1999.

Program provides a range of pathways into mainstream VCE, pre-employment programs, further education or employment.

Program consists of 2 main components:

1. Modified Year 10 program

to include English, Business

Maths and Industry &

Enterprise Studies Units


2. Work placement- 1 day

per week.

New program being developed in 1998 for implementation as a pilot in 1999.

The program aims to:

  • Maximise opportunities for students at risk of having their educational needs met in a positive way.
  • Improve self-confidence and capability.


Adult Literacy Basic Education

Access Department

Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE.

Libby Hughes

Head of Department

Preston Campus:

Judy Sloane

Program Coordinator

Building W, Jessie St

9269 8380

Fax: 9269 8388

Epping Campus:

Cnr Cooper St & Dalton Rd

9269 8380

Fax: 9269 8388



Program is primarily for adults who left school in their lower or secondary school years and want to further develop reading, writing, numeracy, oral communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Length and level is dependent upon the needs of the student.


Potential to link with secondary school students with low literacy/numeracy skills.


Students negotiate their learning pathways with Access Department staff.


Program provides experience and competence in the wide range of literacies needed for:

  • Participation in the workplace.
  • Access to further study and training.
  • Independent self-expression and critical thinking. Students negotiate their programs.

The program is delivered under the Certificates in General Education for Adults.


Young Adult Migrant Education Course (YAMEC)

Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE.

Eileen Sheridan

Head of Department

Preston Programs

Jean Mitchell

Program Coordinator

Language Studies Department,

Building T,

65 Cramer St

9269 8302

Fax: 9260 8315

Meena Habib - Admin.

Collingwood Campus

Nelena Lau

Program Coordinator

Language Studies Department 9269 1721

Fax: 9269 1604

Mary Del Signore - Admin.



16-27 year old young migrants who have not completed secondary schooling and/or seek an alternative to VCE.

20 hrs per week for 20 weeks.



Program provides the skills necessary to access further training and/or employment.




English- Beginners to Intermediate English (ASLRP: 0-2).

  • Maths
  • Computers
  • Work experience
  • Vocational Electives eg. Tourism, Computers, Commercial Cookery, Health & Fitness activities, Science, Building & Construction.
  • Assistance with study skills and independent learning
  • Educational/Vocational/ Lifestyle
  • Assistance with practical matters eg. Centrelink, Youth Allowance, health issues and job search.



  • Small learning groups.
  • Vocational elective opportunities.
  • Computer laboratories, state of the art equipment.
  • Work experience opportunities.

The program is delivered under the Certificate in General education for Adults.


Certificate 1 in Retail Operations

Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE.

Office Administration Department

Epping Campus

Preston/Greensborough Campus

(depending on demand)

9269 1481 or 9269 1016



10 weeks full-time (6 weeks off-the-job training and 4 weeks on-the-job training)

Part-time enrolments will be considered

Target :
Early school leavers with appropriate literacy levels

People returning to the workforce



Retail is a growth industry. This Certificate will increase opportunities for gaining employment in the industry.


Contact the course provider for details


Interest in the career area

Certificate 1 in Planning for Employment and Training

Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE

Office Administration Department
Epping, Greensborough and Preston campuses

9269 1490



This course is designed to enable students to gain the confidence, basic skills and knowledge to move to the workforce or further study.

20 hours per week for 4 weeks



Does not articulate into further study but does prepare the student for further study.


Work Skills Program

Peter Lalor SC

Mark Thompson

Special Projects Coordinator

9464 0122

Fax: 9465 6590



Year 10 Students identified as having special learning needs.

Team consists of the project officer and integration teachers.



Program prepares students for the world of work and

assists students to gain entry into pre-apprenticeship studies.

SOSE Curriculum- Work Education.


Students are withdrawn from formal classes one morning per week and undertake school-based activities investigating the following:

  • Work awareness
  • Job searching skills
  • Life skills
  • Developing vocational choices
  • Problem solving
  • Self esteem
  • Enterprise
  • Field trips to local industries, businesses and TAFE.

Work placements one day per week for 10 weeks.



Program provides the opportunity for students to enhance their literacy and communication skills, while improving self-esteem and commitment towards work and school based activities.


Girls Literacy and Media


Libby Barker

9462 6077



Young women between the ages of 15 -24, including early school leavers.

10 students, 15 hours per week for 10 weeks.



Program provides pathways into:

  • Mainstream secondary studies.
  • Pre-vocational training programs.
  • Employment.



  • Creative writing.
  • Script writing.
  • Creating a storyboard.
  • Filming and editing own short film.


Increased self-confidence set routines and increased social contacts.


Lets Look at Work

Thomastown SC

Frank Gaylard

Careers Coordinator

9465 0844


Year 10 students considering option other than completing Year 12.


Program provides students with the opportunity to look at courses offered by TAFE.

Program provides pathways into employment, Further Education and a recommitment to secondary studies for others.



4 days per week of studies based at the secondary college.

1 day per week (for 12 weeks) is timetabled at NMIT looking at four vocational areas.


Provides an insight into options available outside of the secondary college.


Work Placement Program

Thomastown SC

Frank Gaylard

Careers Coordinator

9465 0844


Year 11 students.

Program is available to all students considering studies other than mainstream VCE.



Program established links with employers.

Provides students an experience of the ëWorld of Workí.


Participants enrol in 10 rather than 12 VCE Units at Year 11. All students are required to undertake Industry & Enterprise Units 1&2.


Provides the opportunity for students to experience work in a chosen field.

Participation in the program often leads into a re-commitment to study or work.



Peer Counselling Program

Thomastown SC

Julie Baillie

Student Welfare Coordinator

9465 0844


Program available to all students.

A small number of staff have completed ëPeer Counselling Trainingí with 25 selected students.

Program operates throughout the year/as required.



Enhances the established Home Group Pastoral Care Program.

Increased self-esteem of students and furthers options for problem solving.


A selected (by nomination and interview process) group of students are trained as Peer Counsellors.

These students have a high profile in the school and can be approached by other students.

Teacher support is always available.



Raising self-esteem of students is the main aim of this and the Home Group programs.

Communication skills are enhanced.


Alternative Curriculum Setting (Home Project)

Annexed to Fawkner SC

Julie King

9359 4706



Students in Years 4-8 experiencing educational, social, emotional and behavioural problems and are at risk of leaving school early, with a cut off age of 14 years.

Program length varies between 10 and 20 weeks with a 2-week trial period to gauge the suitability of the studentÌs placement.


Students are referred through their regular base school and by a DoE Guidance Officer.

Admission to the ACS is based on student suitability and availability of space.


Students attend the ACS 4 days per week and on Wed. attend their regular base school.

An individual program focusing on the development of literacy, numeracy and social skills, anger management, conflict resolution, building self esteem and personal development, is developed for each student



Funded by schools in the Woodland Cluster but schools outside of the cluster are welcome to refer students.

$625 placement fee per term.


Year 10 Pathways

Box Forest SC

Annette Whiter

9304 0400



Year 10 students considered being at risk of not completing Year 10.


Pathways into:

  • Pre- vocational training programs.
  • Employment.


  • Ongoing weekly work placement (1 day/week)
  • Study at school:


-Numbers and Nature.

-Issues and the World of


-Life and Leisure.

-Project work.



Coburg Teaching Unit

Annexed to Moreland City College

Mary Biber

9354 2600



An intensive literacy and numeracy program for secondary school students experiencing learning difficulties.

Program length is for 10 weeks.


Students are normally referred by their base school. A placement committee meets to discuss whether a student meets selection criteria.

If student does not meet criteria, other support options are recommended.


Students attend the CTU 4 days per week and the 5th day is spent at the home school. Home school and the unit work closely together with the aim of successfully integrating the student back in the home school.


Schools are asked to donate $50 for each student attending the CTU.


Youth Media & Communications

Learning NorthWest Inc.

Daniela Ibrido

9300 2644



10 participants, 20 hours per week (on going).

Early school leavers.

Range of cultural backgrounds including ESL, English speaking and Koori.


Program provides pathways into:

  • Mainstream secondary education.
  • Pre-vocational and training programs.
  • Employment


  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Media Studies
  • Computers and the Internet
  • Road rules- L & P plates.
  • Personal Development.
  • Building work related skills.


This program is accredited in the General Certificate in Education for Adults (GCEA)

Student outcomes:

  • NOS Modules
  • Employment.
  • Enrolment in other ACE programs.
  • First positive learning experience for many participants.
  • Return to mainstream education.



Young Adult Industry Training Scheme (YAITS)

Kangan Batman TAFE

Jenny Molan

9353 1870



15-19 year old youth that have left secondary education and want to do a pre-apprentice course in automotive but lack the required literacy and numeracy skills and maturity to cope with a competency-based course.



Program provides a pathway into mainstream vocational training or employment through the delivery of an automotive focused program which makes use of the students' natural interest in cars and driving and combines an introduction to a range of automotive trades with literacy, numeracy and goal setting.



Program provides a variety of delivery settings including the automotive workshop to enable participants to experience:

  • Literacy and numeracy skills in action.
  • Modelling on apprentices and pre-apprentices.
  • Automotive workshop culture.
  • An adult and purposeful learning environment.



Over a 3 year period (1994-97) :

  • 58% of participants have gone on to further study.
  • 23% have gained employment.


Access Program

Goodwill Industries of Victoria - Brite Skills Education and Training Unit - Broadmeadows

Margery Mitchell

9309 5111


Program is designed for people with disabilities who wish to prepare for study, training or employment.


Certificate of Work Education, Skillshare, Community supported programs and Open employment.



Flexible learning and work sampling takes place in the classroom, community and factory settings, enabling students to acquire transferable skills to access educational and vocational goals.


Certificate 1 in Employment Preparation

Goodwill Industries of Victoria - Brite Skills Education and Training Unit - Broadmeadows

Margery Mitchell

9309 5111



Program is designed to meet the needs of job seekers with disabilities that wish to access employment or further training.

The predicted nominal duration of the program is 590 hrs delivered on a part-time and full-time basis.


On completion of the program, participants are referred to an employment agency or further education and training.


  • Induction
  • Personal Development
  • Introduction to study
  • Work preparation
  • OH&S
  • Workplace communication and workplace numeracy
  • Practical placement


On completion of the program, participants are referred to an employment agency or further education and training.

Cost $50.00 plus other expenses incurred, eg Fares etc.


Work Skills Development Program

Goodwill Industries of Victoria - Brite Skills Education and Training Unit - Broadmeadows

Margery Mitchell

9309 5111



Two programs (Kitchen Skills and Functional Academics) provide an opportunity for people with disabilities to develop practical knowledge, skills, behaviours and processes that enable them to make choices to enhance their personal, educational and vocational pathways.





Kitchen Skills

Develops skills in the kitchen - meal planning, shopping and food preparation to further self-esteem and independence.

Functional Academics

Practical knowledge and skills are taught enabling people with disabilities to make decisions and solve problems in living and working situations.




Youth Literacy

Moreland Adult Education Association at Coburg Library.

Eleanor Morgan

9355 7344



Youth NESB.

Course ALBE teacher.

Levels 1 to 2 Certificate in General Education for Adults (CGEA).

One Semester.


Progression to level 2-3 course.


Reading, Writing and Oral Communication, especially for practical purposes.


  • Males 15-20 years.
  • Evenings 2 hrs/week.
  • Levels 1 to 2 CGEA.
  • Unemployed or underemployed NESB.
  • Attendance, completion of course.
  • Continuing pathway.


Job Search

Moreland Adult Education Association at Coburg Library.

Eleanor Morgan

9355 7344



Potential local unemployed Youth/Early School leavers.

Program length 10 sessions x 2 hrs (negotiable hours and duration).



Program provides students the skills used in searching for employment.


  • Resume writing
  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Interview skills
  • Job net-search
  • Job application letters
  • Cold canvassing


Maximum group size: 10 students.

Cost: $6.00 per tudent contact hour for a group of 10 students.




Youth Exploring Activities & Training Initiatives

Darebin Youth Resource Centre

9462 5166


17 - 22 years old unemployed, frustrated youth.

The 8-week program provides individual and group support to young people through the use of a wide range of activities and excursions with youth leaders.



Program aims to:

  • Encourage participants to pursue further training and employment.
  • Enhance participants self esteem.
  • Improve inter-personal skills.
  • Provide an environment, which fosters positive peer relationships and social behaviour.



  • Art workshops
  • Resume writing
  • Rock climbing
  • Sailing/Fishing
  • Personal skills
  • Career goals
  • Job placement



Cost: $5.00 per week


Young Refugees Pathways Project

Brunswick English Language Centre

Anne Giddens

Project Worker

9387 8493



3 project officers service 3 different regions: Northern, Western and South Eastern.

Northern: Brunswick, Collingwood, Flemington and Broadmeadows English Language Centres (ELC).

Participants joining the ELC's, are referred/self referred, join via ethnic communities- Ethnic Youth Issues Network.

Target group: 15-19 years

- refugee/Humanitarian

Multi-governmental departments and agencies are all involved. Ref. group includes DEETYA, DHS, DIMA


Individual career counselling

Community development focus.

For young people over 18.

Counselling, placement and post-placement assistance in appropriate educational settings.

Assistance in the transition from AMES/ELC English classes to further education and training.




Various negotiated pathways depending on need eg health/mental health (war trauma), families/ age problems, and advocacy in mainstream services.

Casework with individuals informs the community development component.

Advocate for structural and policy change with agencies and government departments.


Refer to links column.


Employer Mentor Program

Brunswick SC

Michael Bartley

9387 5755



Pilot program for Year 11 students in 1998.



Work It Out

Brunswick SC

Michael Bartley

9387 5755



Years 10 - 12 students exiting school early.



Futures Program

Brunswick SC

Michael Bartley

9387 5755



Year 10 with a follow-up at Year 11



Key Competencies Project

Brunswick SC

Michael Bartley

9387 5755



Year 9, 12 month program offered as a component of the Pastoral Program.



Uses the publication "Powerful Me" as a resource.



The Island

Queens Pde, North Fitzroy

Vihra Migios

9489 0611



The Island provides places for up to 48 young people at a time.

Enquiries usually come from:

  • Young people with an interest in developing their manual skills.
  • Schools - Student Welfare Coordinators, Careers Teachers, Assistant Principals etc.
  • Outside agencies such as Health and Community Services, Private and Government youth agencies.
  • Parents and guardians.



Central theme of the program is the development of social skills and the confidence to participate in education and training.

Students seek to achieve the following outcomes:

  • TAFE programs.
  • Apprenticeships and Traineeships.
  • Work with further training.
  • Return to mainstream schooling.



Workshops are provided in:

  • Adolescent Health and Nutrition
  • Art and Design studio
  • Automotive
  • Building and Construction
  • Carpentry and woodwork
  • Catering and Cooking
  • Computer Graphics and IT
  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Manufacturing and Engineering
  • Music
  • OH&S
  • Outdoor Education
  • Physical Education and Sport
  • Camps (2 per annum)



  • Program acknowledges that some people achieve success through practical and manual approaches to learning.
  • Literacy and Numeracy is integrated into all programs and is also provided in small group sessions.
  • Programs are developed around the individual hopes and aspirations of the participants.
  • Participants are supported to gain the skills, knowledge, and attitudes, values and behaviours that are integral to living and working.


Information Technology

Diamond Creek Living & Learning Centre

Melody Daly

9438 5351



8 weeks course (20 hrs in total)


Program uses the facilities of St Helena SC.

Accredited pre-vocational programs.


Computers and the Internet


Courses are include modules contained in Certificate I - Business/Office (Occupational Studies)


Learner/Driver Education/Automotive Studies

Diamond Creek Living & Learning Centre

Melody Daly

9438 5351


16 week course (32 hrs in total)

Early school leavers and young adults.


Program offered with Nillumbik Adult Education and uses the facilities of St Helena SC.

Program provides pathways into:

  • Pre-vocational and training programs
  • Employment.


  • Road rules - L&P plates.
  • Driver Education.
  • Basic Automotive Studies.




Stress management programs for Young Women

Diamond Creek Living & Learning Centre

Melody Daly

9438 5351



8 week courses (16 hrs in total)

Young women under the age of 24.


Programs will be offered in partnership with the Shire of Nillumbik Youth Services Dept.

Programs developed to provide an entry point into lifelong education and skills development.

Curriculum aims to assist individuals in the development of self-esteem and improvement of social skills.



Topics covered include:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Mediation
  • Relaxation
  • Meditation
  • Aromatherapy
  • Massage
  • Self-esteem


Positive learning experience.

Provide safe, comfortable and supportive environment where young women can enhance their confidence and personal development.

Enrolment in other ACE programs.


General Literacy, Basic Education

Olympic Adult Education

Sally Thompson/

Rachael Wilson

9458 2711



Program is primarily for people who left school early or had an interrupted education and want to further develop reading, writing and numeracy skills.

Length and level is dependent upon the needs of the student.



Potential to link with secondary school students with low literacy/numeracy skills.


Students negotiate their learning pathways with Neighbourhood Centre staff.

  • Reading and Writing Level 1. Reading and Writing Level 2.
  • Writing for work and further study.
  • Maths.
  • Reading and writing with computers.


Program provides modules in the Certificate of General Education for Adults.


Homework Program

Olympic Adult Education

Sally Thompson/

Rachael Wilson

9458 2711



This class is for people who are doing VCE and need additional assistance with their homework. Students have access to computers and are assisted by qualified tutors.

Tuesday and Thursday between the hours of 4.15 pm and 6.15pm



Successful completion of the VCE.


Students negotiate their homework study with Neighbourhood Centre staff.


This program aims to improve self-confidence and capability.


Media for Youth

Nillumbik Adult Education

Carol Scholes

9439 3200



16-25 year old adults.

Unemployed that are interested in a media introductory course 2 days per week.



Program is conducted partially in classroom and partially in conjunction with Plenty Valley FM


  • Radio experiences
  • Newspaper experiences
  • Script writing
  • Documentary preparation
  • Advertising techniques


Preparation of a radio segment

Preparation of a documentary to go to air on Optus Vision Channel 55


Music and Literacy

Olympic Adult Education

Sally Thompson/

Rachael Wilson

9458 2711

Mark Hobbs

9467 7152



Year 9/10 students experiencing difficulties in the traditional school system.

Literacy teacher-

Olympic Adult Education,

Music Teacher- Jets Studios.

1 day per week for 18 weeks.



Program offered in conjunction with a student's current secondary school program.

Educational pathways into either mainstream VCE or TAFE music programs.


Access to rehearsal and recording facilities registered as a provider of AUSMUSIC curriculum.

Modules included in the 1998 course included:

  • Health & safety.
  • Setting up and operating a vocal PA system.
  • Making a demo tape.


Program provides:

  • Components of the Certificate of General Adult Education, Level II.
  • A certificate listing the modules from the Music Industry Skills Certificate II course, that have been successfully completed.


Community Service Involvement

Reservoir District SC

Marg Ampfea

9470 3555



Year 10 elective to increase community awareness/ involvement in civic knowledge.



VCE Supportive Friends

Reservoir District SC

Marg Ampfea

9470 3555



Train 24 VCE students to cope with the pressures of final years of schooling and be able to recognise stress in others and be able to assist.



Connect Program

Collingwood College

Postal Address: PO Bag 63, Abbotsford. 3067.

Location: Cnr Cromwell St., and McCutcheon Way, Collingwood.

Very close to Collingwood Railway station on the Epping line and Hurstbridge line.

One block from Smith St with Bundoora line tram and buses on Johnson St from Kew, Balwyn in the East and Port Melbourne to the south.

Telephone: 1800 261 816



Students aged 15 to 17 years

  • Returning to school or at risk of leaving school because of an unsuitable program in current school.
  • Minimum reading age of not less than 9 years and basic numeracy skills.
  • The range of levels and ESL needs able to be catered for will depend on numbers and needs of students.
  • Committed to a continuing education toward work or TAFE or VCE after an intensive program.
  • Length of program would be of 1 semester (20 weeks) or 2 semesters (40 weeks) depending on needs of students.
  • Program Team will include a specially selected group of staff with expertise in Literacy, Numeracy, Information Technology and work place preparation.
  • Close supervision, pastoral care and a caring environment will be a high priority.



  • On 3 days a week students will spend 2 hours at Collingwood TAFE on Pre VET courses such as automotive, recreational, hospitality.
  • Students will attend Collingwood College in the afternoons from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

Successful outcomes:

  • Full-time placement in a mainstream school course
  • Full-time placement in a VCE course
  • Full-time placement in a TAFE course
  • Full-time placement in a New Apprenticeship course.


The course of study will include:

  • Intro to VET at TAFE
  • Communication skills
  • Preparing for Work
  • Industry & Enterprise Studies
  • Applied Maths
  • Graphic Communications
  • Computer Skills
  • Elective VCE units.



  • Students age 15 to 17 years of age.
  • Minimum reading age of not less than 9 years and basic numeracy skills.
  • Committed to a continuing education toward work or TAFE or VCE after an intensive program.


Career Plus Program

Kensington Town Hall

Anne Lacey/Jane Black

9376 7900

Traineeships located in various parts of metro. Melbourne.

The program is specifically designed to assist disadvantaged young people (16-20 yrs) with securing meaningful employment.

"Disadvantaged" applied broadly to include low-income families, early school leavers, unemployed youth and/or other difficult circumstances.

Program combines the successful traineeship scheme with a specialised pre-employment training package aimed at equipping each trainee with confident interpersonal skills and skills needed in industry.

Program funded and supported by DOXA Youth Foundation.


  • Pre-interview training program (8 days).
  • Pre-employment program (up to 9 weeks)
  • 3 day motivational camp.
  • On the job with the employer.
  • 75 trainees placed each year in a range of industries.
  • Pre-interview and pre-employment training focuses on the personal development of each trainee together with the completion of certain modules of the respective traineeship.
  • A mentor is assigned to each trainee for the duration of the traineeship, assisting in his/her development.
  • Modules of the traineeship are completed through a combined on and off-the-job training arrangement.


    The following schools were invited to submit proposals for Full service Schools Program funding, to provide programs to suit potential early school leavers or young people out of school who are considering their options.

    Projects are to be finalised by the end of 1998, for delivery over 2 years. Contact the schools directly to find out what is on offer.

    Banksia Secondary College9497 3822
    Box Forest Secondary College9304 0400
    Brunswick Secondary College9387 6133
    Collingwood College9417 6681
    Fawkner Secondary College9359 1166
    Lakeside Secondary College9460 6655
    Mercy Diocesan College9350 5799
    Merrilands P12 College9462 2177
    Northland Secondary College9478 1333
    Penola Catholic College9301 2777
    Preston Girls' Secondary College9470 2755
    Redden College9480 2922
    Reservoir District Secondary College9470 3555
    Thornbury Darebin Secondary College9480 4066


    Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE
    Preston Campus9269 120077-91 St Georges Rd, Preston
    Heidelberg Campus9269 8600Cnr Bell Street and Waterdale Rd, Heidelberg
    Epping Campus9269 1000Cnr Cooper St and Dalton Rd, Epping
    Greensborough9269 1800Civic Drive, Greensborough
    Collingwood 9269 160020 Otter St, Collingwood
    Parkville Campus9269 880099a Oak St, Parkville

    Kangan Batman TAFE
    Hume Campus9279 2555 Pearcedale Pde, Broadmeadows
    Avondale/Brimbank campus9318 2488Military Rd, Avondale Heights
    Moonee Valley Campus9254 300044 Buckley St, Essendon
    Moreland North Campus9350 1244Dawson St, Coburg
    Moreland South Campus9254 3300Cnr The Grove & De Carle St, Coburg
    Yarra Campus9481 7788Falconer and Michael Streets

    RMIT University
    City VET Sector9660 2260124 La Trobe St, Melbourne
    Brunswick Campus9660 226025-29 Dawson St, Brunswick
    Fishermens Bend Campus9647 3096226 Lorimer St, Fishermens Bend
    Point Cook Airfield 9395 1777NASMA Building, RAAF Williams, Point Cook

    Adult Community and Further Education

    Information regarding the Adult Community and Further education Sector (ACFE) in the Northern Metropolitan Region, can be obtained from the Regional Office, Telephone: (03) 9468 2664 email:

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