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RMIT Web Review - Assessment 1998-09-08

Faculty of the Constructed Environment

This screen has been assessed according to a working set of criteria available [on-line} at:

Heuristic overview

Overall, this site shows an attempt to apply clear and elegant design principles. However, this screen is carrying too large a file size burden at 94.11K taking 35.14 seconds to download. The bulk of this is taken up by the Faculty home image.

Content of this image would be lost to anyone without the capacity to read images. In any case text size is difficult to read because it is so small. This lack of bandwidth consideration appears to be carried into several other areas of the site.

Screen integrity is good. It is admirable that this Faculty has attempted to provide contact details: address, fax, phone and email but unfortunate that this information could easily become inaccessible. Large content carrying images would be better replaced by text. When printing this screen the Faculty image did not print.

Download Time

The down load time for this screen was not within the recommended range.

Time (seconds) 9.66 K 2.68
/faculty/images/facrmit.jpg 3.65 K 1.01
/faculty/images/fachome.gif 65.88 K 18.30
/faculty/images/news.gif 0.89 K 0.25
/faculty/images/b1_on.gif 0.57 K 0.16
/faculty/images/b2.gif 0.52 K 0.14
/faculty/images/b3.gif 1.18 K 0.33
/faculty/images/b4.gif 0.63 K 0.17
/faculty/images/b11.gif 1.11 K 0.31
/faculty/images/b5.gif 0.55 K 0.15
/faculty/images/b6.gif 0.61 K 0.17
/faculty/images/b7.gif 0.58 K 0.16
/faculty/images/b10.gif 0.55 K 0.15
/faculty/images/b8.gif 0.59 K 0.16
/faculty/images/b9.gif 0.64 K 0.18
/faculty/images/eventnote.gif 4.39 K 1.22
/faculty/images/contacts.gif 0.69 K 0.19
/faculty/images/RMITUsmll.gif 1.43 K 0.40
94.11 K
HTTP Request Delays

Total + Delays


Accessibility Suggestions:

  1. Provide alternative text for all image map hot-spots
    Line 53: <area shape=default>

  2. Provide alternative text for all images
    Line 58: <IMG SRC="/faculty/images/fachome.gif" BORDER=0><br>
    Line 62: <IMG SRC="/faculty/images/news.gif" BORDER=0></TD>

Browser Compatibility Suggestions:

  1. Java needs attention as Netscape 3.0 reads roll over syntax as errors. Time taken to fetch images is at the expense of functionality.
  2. Unknown attribute NAME in element IMG for browser(s): HTML 4.0
    Lines 83-84: <IMG SRC="/faculty/images/b1_on.gif" NAME="but1" BORDER=0 ALT="Back to Faculty Home Page"></A><BR>
    Lines 88-89: <IMG SRC="/faculty/images/b2.gif" NAME="but2" BORDER=0 ALT="Information about the Faculty"></A><BR>
    Lines 93-94: <IMG SRC="/faculty/images/b3.gif" NAME="but3" BORDER=0 ALT="Information about our Departments"></A><BR>
    Lines 98-99: <IMG SRC="/faculty/images/b4.gif" NAME="but4" BORDER=0 ALT="Information about our Courses"></A><BR>
    Lines 103-104: <IMG SRC="/faculty/images/b11.gif" NAME="but11" BORDER=0 ALT="Professional short courses and commercial activities"></A><BR>
    Lines 108-109: <IMG SRC="/faculty/images/b5.gif" NAME="but5" BORDER=0 ALT="Research activities"></A><BR>
    Lines 113-114: <IMG SRC="/faculty/images/b6.gif" NAME="but6" BORDER=0 ALT="Faculty Publications"></A><BR>
    Lines 118-119: <IMG SRC="/faculty/images/b7.gif" NAME="but7" BORDER=0 ALT="Information for Students"></A><BR>
    Lines 123-124: <IMG SRC="/faculty/images/b10.gif" NAME="but10" BORDER=0 ALT="Information for Staff"></A><BR>
    Lines 128-129: <IMG SRC="/faculty/images/b8.gif" NAME="but8" BORDER=0 ALT="Gallery of buildings and works"></A><BR>
    Lines 133-134: <IMG SRC="/faculty/images/b9.gif" NAME="but9" BORDER=0 ALT="Faculty seminars, exhibitions and special events"></A><BR><BR>

  3. Unknown attribute VALIGN in element TABLE for browser(s): HTML 4.0

  4. Required attribute ALT is missing from tag IMG for browser(s): HTML 4.0
    Line 58: <IMG SRC="/faculty/images/fachome.gif" BORDER=0><br>
    Line 62: <IMG SRC="/faculty/images/news.gif" BORDER=0></TD>

  5. Required attribute ALT is missing from tag AREA for browser(s): HTML 4.0
    Line 53: <area shape=default>

  6. Required attribute TYPE is missing from tag STYLE for browser(s): HTML 4.0
    Line 19: <STYLE>


<META NAME="GENERATOR" CONTENT="Mozilla/3.01Gold (Win95; I) [Netscape]"> <META NAME="Description" CONTENT="RMIT's Faculty of Constructed Environment offers courses architecture and design, building and construction and social science and planning."> <META NAME="KeyWords" CONTENT="architecture, constructed environment, design, education, RMIT, social science, social work, built environment, building construction economics, urban planning, urban design, interior design, industrial design, furniture design, project management, landscape architecture">

This metadata conforms to the Dublin Core emerging standard or syntax for the elements Keywords and Description without providing Scheme identification. E.g.

<META NAME="DC.Description" CONTENT="...">
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