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RMIT Web Review - Assessment (1998-09-24)

Quality Development Unit :

This screen has been assessed according to a working set of criteria available [on-line} at:

Heuristic overview

You can expect to have problems with such a large bit map image. 30K is about the limit when it comes to a total download burden and you have nearly twice that. You will lose most people after 10 seconds. This screen will take 16 seconds to download.

The bitmap image itself is confusing. I can't understand what it is about or why it needs to take up so much screen real estate. It looks as though I can set a direction but end up going round and round in circles. Is this what you really do? In any case the contrast between text and background makes the small font sizes difficult to read (especially the green and purple).

There is no contact information anywhere and while the branding is clear, if I had arrived as a result of a search (assuming you had effective metadata) then I would have no idea why I should go deeper into the site. Who is responsible for this site? Where are you? How do I contact you?

The use of the text archors is admirable, but you should consider using a larger font size. None of them worked.

Download Time

The down load time for this screen was not within the recommended range.

Time (seconds) 3.57 K 0.99 1.78 K 0.50
map-big.gif 47.41 K 13.17
52.77 K
HTTP Request Delays

Total + Delays


Accessibility Suggestions

Well Done! Apart from small font sizes, this screens conforms to W3C Accessibility Standards.

Browser Compatibility Problems:

  1. Unknown attribute START in element IMG for browser(s): HTML 4.0
    Lines 18-19: href=""><img src="" width="101" height="47" align="center" alt="RMIT University" start="fileopen" border="0"></a>

  2. Unknown attribute HEIGHT in element TABLE for browser(s): HTML 4.0
    Line 15: <table border="0" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0" width="100%" height="611">

  3. Unknown attribute BACKGROUND in element TD for browser(s): HTML 4.0
    Lines 27-28: <td bgcolor="#000000" width="140" valign="top" background="" height="29"><blockquote>
    Lines 36-37: <td bgcolor="#000000" width="140" valign="top" background="" height="510"><blockquote>

  4. Attribute BGCOLOR in element TD must be assigned a color for browser(s): HTML 4.0
    Line 32: <td width="80%" bgcolor="##ff0000" height="29"><p align="center"><strong><font


<meta name="keywords" content="RMIT, University, Education, Research, Development,quality"> <meta name="rating" content="safe for kids">

This metadata is minimal and non-compliant with the Dublin Core emerging standard.

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