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RMIT Web Review - Assessment (1998-09-29)

Teaching and Learning:

This screen has been assessed according to a working set of criteria available [on-line} at:

Heuristic overview

The homepage (ref above) of this site has an encoding error that caused our test computer to crash when using a browser less that Netscape 4.0. This is a severe loss of control. Suggest that a text only or Java free option be included.

On Lynx the site looks like this:

   Back to RMIT Home
   ArrowTeaching and Learning Strategy
   ArrowCourse improvement and EQA
   ArrowCurrent projects
   ArrowDiscussion papers
   ArrowCalendar of events
   ArrowWhat's new & updates
   Arrow Search/Index
   ArrowFaculties, EPI & other groups
   Teaching and Learning Strategy 1998-2000
   This site provides information about the Teaching and Learning
   Strategy and resources to help staff teams implement the Strategy.
   Under the sponsorship of the Teaching & Learning Strategy Committee it
   is being developed as a central reference on teaching at RMIT and will
   parallel Faculty teaching web sites.   Development of the site will
   encompass several
     IT Alignment Project recommendations.
   Yoursuggestions for the future of this site are welcome.
   Copyright 1998 RMIT University -
   Last Modified  4/9/98 by Annie Lennox
   Contact: Webmaster

You can expect to have problems with such a large image burden. 30K is about the limit when it comes to a total download burden and you have nearly twice that. You will lose most people after 10 seconds. This screen will take 24 seconds to download.

Overall this is not an easy site to access and it seems devoid of significant content.

  1. The left hand text is too small to read
  2. The graphic is confusing and superfluous
  3. The Searchindex does not work
  4. There are no names phone numbers or addresses
  5. What's new is empty
  6. Discussion Papers is empty
  7. Discussion is empty
  8. Course Improvement is the almost the same asResources
  9. There is no metadata or resource description

Download Time

The down load time for this screen was not within the recommended range.

Time (seconds) 7.88 K 2.19
images/logo.gif 2.03 K 0.56
images/image1off.gif 0.81 K 0.22
images/TL.gif 0.22 K 0.06
images/image2off.gif 0.81 K 0.22
images/course.gif 0.21 K 0.06
images/image3off.gif 0.81 K 0.22
images/projects.gif 0.14 K 0.04
images/image4off.gif 0.81 K 0.22
images/resources.gif 0.11 K 0.03
images/image5off.gif 0.81 K 0.22
images/discussion.gif 0.11 K 0.03
images/image6off.gif 0.81 K 0.22
images/discussionpapers.gif 0.15 K 0.04
images/image7off.gif 0.81 K 0.22
images/calendar.gif 0.16 K 0.04
images/image8off.gif 0.81 K 0.22
images/whatsnew.gif 0.17 K 0.05
images/image9off.gif 0.81 K 0.22
images/glossary.gif 0.10 K 0.03
images/image10off.gif 0.81 K 0.22
images/feedback.gif 0.11 K 0.03
images/image11off.gif 0.81 K 0.22
images/search.gif 0.13 K 0.04
images/image12off.gif 0.81 K 0.22
images/faculties.gif 0.21 K 0.06
images/image.jpg 13.41 K 3.73
images/1x1white.jpg 2.09 K 0.58
36.92 K
HTTP Request Delays

Total + Delays


Accessibility Suggestions

  1. Provide alternative text for all images
    Line 76: <img SRC="images/1x1white.jpg" WIDTH="347" HEIGHT="4"><br>

Browser Compatibility Problems:

  1. Unknown attribute NAME in element IMG for browser(s): HTML 4.0
    Line 59: <!-- NAVIGATION BAR STARTS HERE --> <font FACE="helvetica, arial"><a HREF="teaching.htm" onMouseOver="imgOn('img1')" onMouseOut="imgOff('img1')"><img SRC="images/image1off.gif" WIDTH="8" HEIGHT="9" BORDER="0" NAME="img1" ALT="Arrow"><img SRC="images/TL.gif" BORDER="0" ALT="Teaching and Learning Strategy" WIDTH="134" HEIGHT="11"></a><br>
    Line 60: <a HREF="course.htm" onMouseOver="imgOn('img2')" onMouseOut="imgOff('img2')"><img SRC="images/image2off.gif" WIDTH="8" HEIGHT="9" BORDER="0" NAME="img2" ALT="Arrow"><img SRC="images/course.gif" BORDER="0" ALT="Course improvement and EQA" WIDTH="127" HEIGHT="11"></a><br>
    Line 61: <a HREF="projects.htm" onMouseOver="imgOn('img3')" onMouseOut="imgOff('img3')"><img SRC="images/image3off.gif" WIDTH="8" HEIGHT="9" BORDER="0" NAME="img3" ALT="Arrow"><img SRC="images/projects.gif" BORDER="0" ALT="Current projects" WIDTH="71" HEIGHT="11"></a><br>
    Line 62: <a HREF="resources.htm" onMouseOver="imgOn('img4')" onMouseOut="imgOff('img4')"><img SRC="images/image4off.gif" WIDTH="8" HEIGHT="9" BORDER="0" NAME="img4" ALT="Arrow"><img SRC="images/resources.gif" BORDER="0" ALT="Resources" WIDTH="48" HEIGHT="11"></a><br>
    Line 63: <a HREF="discussion.htm" onMouseOver="imgOn('img5')" onMouseOut="imgOff('img5')"><img SRC="images/image5off.gif" WIDTH="8" HEIGHT="9" BORDER="0" NAME="img5" ALT="Arrow"><img SRC="images/discussion.gif" BORDER="0" ALT="Discussion" WIDTH="48" HEIGHT="11"></a><br>
    Line 64: <a HREF="discusionpapers.htm" onMouseOver="imgOn('img6')" onMouseOut="imgOff('img6')"><img SRC="images/image6off.gif" WIDTH="8" HEIGHT="9" BORDER="0" NAME="img6" ALT="Arrow"><img SRC="images/discussionpapers.gif" BORDER="0" ALT="Discussion papers" WIDTH="81" HEIGHT="11"></a><br>
    Line 65: <a HREF="calender.htm" onMouseOver="imgOn('img7')" onMouseOut="imgOff('img7')"><img SRC="images/image7off.gif" WIDTH="8" HEIGHT="9" BORDER="0" NAME="img7" ALT="Arrow"><img SRC="images/calendar.gif" BORDER="0" ALT="Calendar of events" WIDTH="83" HEIGHT="11"></a><br>
    Line 66: <a HREF="whatsnew.htm" onMouseOver="imgOn('img8')" onMouseOut="imgOff('img8')"><img SRC="images/image8off.gif" WIDTH="8" HEIGHT="9" BORDER="0" NAME="img8" ALT="Arrow"><img SRC="images/whatsnew.gif" BORDER="0" ALT="What's new & updates" WIDTH="98" HEIGHT="11"></a><br>
    Line 67: <a HREF="glossary.htm" onMouseOver="imgOn('img9')" onMouseOut="imgOff('img9')"><img SRC="images/image9off.gif" WIDTH="8" HEIGHT="9" BORDER="0" NAME="img9" ALT="Arrow"><img SRC="images/glossary.gif" BORDER="0" ALT="Glossary" WIDTH="38" HEIGHT="11"></a><br>
    Line 68: <a onMouseOver="imgOn('img10')" onMouseOut="imgOff('img10')" href=""><img SRC="images/image10off.gif" WIDTH="8" HEIGHT="9" BORDER="0" NAME="img10" ALT="Arrow"><img SRC="images/feedback.gif" BORDER="0" ALT="Feedback" WIDTH="43" HEIGHT="11"></a><br>
    Line 69: <img SRC="images/image11off.gif" WIDTH="8" HEIGHT="9" BORDER="0" NAME="img11" ALT="Arrow"><img SRC="images/search.gif" BORDER="0" ALT="Search/Index" WIDTH="59" HEIGHT="11"><br>
    Line 70: <a HREF="faculties.htm" onMouseOver="imgOn('img12')" onMouseOut="imgOff('img12')"><img SRC="images/image12off.gif" WIDTH="8" HEIGHT="9" BORDER="0" NAME="img12" ALT="Arrow"><img SRC="images/faculties.gif" BORDER="0" ALT="Faculties, EPI & other

  2. Required attribute ALT is missing from tag IMG for browser(s): HTML 4.0
    Line 76: <img SRC="images/1x1white.jpg" WIDTH="347" HEIGHT="4"><br>

  3. Unknown attribute ALGN in element TD for browser(s): HTML 4.0
    Line 75: <td WIDTH="280" VALIGN="TOP" ALGN="LEFT"><img src="images/image.jpg" width="308" height="236" alt="Teaching and Learning Strategy 1998-2000" border="0"><br>

  4. Unknown attribute HERF in element A for browser(s): HTML 4.0
    Line 57: <td WIDTH="170" VALIGN="TOP" ALIGN="LEFT"><a HERF="" href=""><img SRC="images/logo.gif" BORDER="0" alt="Back to RMIT Home" WIDTH="170" HEIGHT="67"></a><br>

For browser restrictions, see above.


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