the back lanes of Bungbungan village

  This little stall has been here for the 30 odd years I have visited Bungbungan. Its a place to pick up an early morning breakfast before a hard day's work in the rice fields or heading off to school. You can get thick gritty Balinese coffee here, a sickly sweet tea, or some fresh fruit. At other times of the day, its a focus for idle gossip and a chance to catch up with some friends. The laneway beyond heads back to the main road. See a view from the other side of this stall taken 25 years earlier?   The regular rain and constant high humidity means that moss grows verdant upon the brick and mud walls of gangs like these at times creating a living tunnel of green to walk through. Even though these gangs are earth tracks, you can see that they are kept scrupulously clean, and are swept each day  

The laneway heads up an incline deeper into the backblocks of the village towards the home of my friend Wayan.

Its so easy to grow anything in Bali's rich volcanic soil. Just put a stick in the ground and within days it seems to sprout new life. (this is a 360 degree panorama).
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created 22 sept 2002