an old Chinese bicycle

As strong as an ox, as serviceable as a tractor and as elegant as a swan, old "Made-in China" bicycles like this one photographed leaning against a shop-house door in Trengganu can be found all over Asia. They are family heirlooms handed down from one generation to the next. Millions of them must have been made to exactly the same unchanging design.
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Bicycle in South East Asia with Mr Pumpy? Mr Pumpy has a friend called Felix Hude who actually does all the pedaling. 'Mr Felix', as he his called in Asia, is about as funky as a human can get and likes to get close to the people and cultures of the South East Asian countries he cycles through. His wheels are a bit more modern than the above contraption. Read about his exotic adventures warmly recounted on this engaging site. Full of practical tips too.

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