a carpet shop in Kabul

Carpets, kilim rugs, wall hangings, decorative saddle bags, camel reins many coloured with natural plant based dyes of extraordinary richness and depth. Reds in an astonishing variety - blood reds, bright reds, magentas, chocolates, purple reds. Visit another carpet shop? One of the many shops in a street full of similar ones in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. You can have a lot of fun haggling over a deal. Once you engage in serious bargaining, however, you have a duty to see it through to the end. Time has no meaning, so you might spend an hour or so trying to save a few more dollars. These shop owners are wonderful hosts and make you feel welcome plying you with chai. I succumbed to the beauty of these hand made crafts and ended up hauling 4kg of camel reins from Kabul to London for several months in my backpack. Dig those 70's style flares and pointed shirt collars on these modern businessmen. The very latest in fashion.
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created 30 november 1998