3D Computer Animation- see them move!
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'Staff Playtime' 117 Kbytes.

Born of checks, this little wind-up toy tottered about its checkerboard world for a full 3 minutes. A lousey storyline but enough to get it accepted for screening at Siggraph 1986.

'Sea Weeds' 143 Kbytes.

Fleshy feelers on green stalks. A study in anemone-like organic motion. Visual complexity from a simple model and offset cycles.

'Tin Man' 50Kbytes.

Peg-legged, spring thighed - ah the challenge! A study in connected parts and gravity.

'Bouncer' 45Kbytes.

How far can you go with disconnected parts? With a stiff steel spring and outrigger ski pole legs, a long way it seems.

'Creepy Spider' 150Kbytes

Incy whincy spider crawled up the drain pipe wall, well you know the rest. By brother John.