'Staff PlayTime'
accepted for screening at Siggraph 1986

3D computer animation
a personal story

'Colour Town'
multiple exposures to produce a synthesised spacial environment from disparate 2D elements

experimental work

cell cut-out animation


'Safe Sox'
my first interactive


'Devil and Angel'
FACTS award 'Best Community Service Announcement' 1978

television commercial

'Devondale Cider'
Cell animation

television commercial

'Euky Bear Rub'
Cut-out animation

television commercial

'To Be or Not to Be'
Cell animation

animated film

'T&G Superannuation'
pencil on paper animation

television commercial

'Move' 1976
winner equal first, 'Best Australian Animation' Philip Morris International Animation Festival judged by Saul Bass

animated film

true colour paint system graphic

computer graphics

a box of old photographs