a life transforming journey begins
( I say, that's overly dramatic isn't it David? )




This photograph of a spectacular tropical sunset, the likes of which I had never before seen, was the very first picture I took on foreign soil.

It represents the first step of a one and a half year journey I took in 1973 leading to encounters with other lands, peoples and cultures which would forever change the course of my life.

At 26 years of age, I was part of a fading generation of Australians who for some reason, felt the need to return to "mother" England, or was it an escape from the dullness of cultural life in Australia. In the early seventies, the UK was where new innovative music was coming from, where fashion trends were being set, where Monty Python's Flying Circus was conceived, where protests by a young generation intent on changing the world seemed to be more heartfelt and passionate.

Europe was my goal. Friends from art school awaited me in London. Their letters seduced. Budget constraints dictated that the journey had to be overland. Asia was simply in the way.

That first night in a foreign land is burnt into my mind forever. Smiles so readily offered, a warm black velvet night, blazing tropical stars, the extraordinary spine-tingling sounds of the Ketack, strange food, strange smells, cicak, torke, and strange noises from the jungle.

Had my first port of call not been an Asian country, then perhaps my heart may have belonged to European visages.

by the way,
I got to London

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