harvest scenes #8


This charming
dignified old woman is very much a part of the Bali of old. Woman of her generation went bare-breasted. She even "dressed up" for this photograph by putting on her best sarong and adding a Hibiscus flower to her hair.

This is a picture of
my friend's grandmother. I'm not sure how old she was when I took this picture, but inset of her years, like all elderly people in Bali, she maintains a beautiful posture. She was also fitter than I was. While staying in the village of Bungbungan, I had to bath in a river in a steep ravine. This old lady could easily carry a 10 litre bucket of water on her head while smoking a cigarette, and carry it up the steep track without a pause. I'd be huffing and puffing just to get myself back up to the top again.

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23 september 2002