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I like the way the above storm front has chopped this sunset, and composition, in half as it busily chases away the remaining fiery colours of a perfect day with its gloomy grey insistence. The difference in the horizontal and vertical structures of the clouds in each part of this composition is dramatic - just as the weather in tropical climes always is. Kuta Beach, Bali, 1976.

After an evening on the sea, a fisherman beaches his outrigger perahu on the sand well before an impending storm hits. The fishermen and farmers of Bali are expert at reading weather.

From a distance, threatening skies like this are mostly harmless. Tropical weather can be very localised and one can often watch lightening crackle and play silently within the inky purple thunder heads of billowing clouds as though sitting in the warmth and sheltered comfort of a picture theatre.

or the perhau of Nusa Penida