green turns to gold

The strong stratification and horizontal contours of the ever changing face of Bali's rural scene provide a startling surreal vista on one's first encounter with the island's landscape. Photographed in central Bali.

As rice fields begin to ripen, birds become pests. Scarecrows of all sorts of amusing designs are used as well as bits of plastic on sticks that flutter in the breeze in an attempt to keep them at bay.

In this case, two boys in the little hut above were assigned to guard the grain and shoo birds away. They did this by pulling on a number of lines of string attached to the hut which fanned out in all directions. These were tied to sticks planted at various strategic places about the paddy fields.

Fastened to these sticks were objects, bottles, bits of scrap metal, which would makes noises when the boys yanked upon the strings. They could set off these alarms wherever the birds settled. How ingenious. It took me a while to figure where all the curious musical cacophony were coming from. You can't see the strings in this J-pegged photograph.

or harvest time