rumah makan di pulau Lombok

Far more formal than the beach or roadside eating in Bali, this small restaurant or rumah makan (eating room) is far more typical of places to eat in Java. This one is in Mataram on the isle of Lombok, a 40 minute plane ride from Bali.Oh, I must remeber to tell you that this was taken in about 1978, so things will have changed dramatically.

My friend of many years, Wayan, stirs his sweetened soy milk drink. We had a meal of stir fried noodles with some vegetables and bit of meat while kerupuks (crunchy prawn crackers) beckoned from the glass jars. When eating in such places, you just help yourself to whatever is around on the table of shelves. Peanuts, a banana, sweet biscuits. No need to ask - its all reckoned up later.
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created 6 october 2002