fishing perahu

Daybreak, and the first delicate rays of a weak morning sun catch the languid cotton folds in the pink triangular sail of a Nusa Penida perahu. Its owner paddles out over glassy water away from the shelter of the reef where he hopes to catch some wind. As the sun warms the earth breezes will begin to stir.
Little out rigger sailing canoes like this, called 'perahu', can be found plying the waters all over the Indonesian archipelago. The hull is carved from a solid tree trunk while its outriggers are made from two long fat poles of bamboo. The demonic head of a sword fish with bulging eyes ensures no harm will befall the boat and that it will find its way back home. It is a beautiful piece of design. Without the aid of compass, motor or radio, but with acute observational powers and ingrained knowledge of wind, tide, weather and stars, fishermen head far out to sea day or night in little boats like this in search of a catch.

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