pasar malam - night market

I came across this fishing hamlet at the end of a Bemo ride some twenty kilometers on the outskirts of Jakarta. It is adjacent to that yellow bridge I raved about. I'm still looking for a picture of it.

Twilight, and fishermen prepare their nets for an evening's work in an inky black estuary leading to the sea. They will hang bright acetylene lamps out either side of their little wooden boats to attract fish.

I have seen a sea off the coast of Padang, West Sumatra, literally ablaze with a thousand stars - the twinkling lights of boats such as these. I have even seen their lights at night dotting a pitch black ocean when flying in a jet at 33,000 feet.

The people were bold and cheeky, but as always in Indonesia, friendly. They were curious to see a white man in their village. Yes, that is a cooking fire on the second wooden boat from the front. I am sure they know what they are doing.

It was a glorious soft balmy evening and I stayed until the hand of a warm velvet night was well and truly upon the land.

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