pasar malam #2

A jewelry seller at Denpasar's pasar malam, Bali 1973. Bali was the begining of an overland trip to Europe that lasted several months. I mailed all my undeveloped slides back to my parents. It wasn't until over a year later that I got to see the results. I was thrilled that these available light shots turned out okay and even succeeded in capturing something of the atmosphere of a night market. I like this portrait very much. The young man has beautiful hands. Feeling on a wonderful high from the elation of being surrounded by an alien culture, I was emboldened to thrust my camera lens into the faces of complete strangers. Gregarious Indonesians are marvelously good-natured and no one objected. Note the high-tech paper funnel extension to cast a bright a light as possible upon the merchandise. I wonder why it doesn't catch on fire?
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