photographic journeys - a work in progress

Beginning from this picture of an open road somewhere in Asia, you can take a number of journeys. This is a cheat screen which helps me organise things, but you can use it to quickly move around.

If you don't use the direct links below, but instead click on the picture at the left, then the subtle navigational 'currents' will eventually move you through a journey in an East Westerly direction of some of the countries of Asia reflecting an overland trip I took from Australia to the UK in 1973. Expect plenty of diversions along the way.

As promised, I dedicate this screen to Mr Felix.


the village of Bungbungan
a master painter
a Balinese family of artists

a wayang kulit shadow play

an Indonesian school
Indonesian children
a view of rice fields #1
a view of rice fields #2
a night market in Denpasar #1
a night market in Denpasar #2
a night market in Denpasar #3
the Indonesian Becak
an invitation to dinner
a dokar driver relaxes with a smoke
market lady in silhouette


Trengganu fishing village
east coast fishing village
Trengganu banana seller
the Malaysian trishaw
an old Chinese bicycle
a colourful doorway
red - Chinese New Year

Thailand the Thai Samlor#1
the Thai Samlor#2
Vietnam just got back. coming soon
Burma a wooden bridge, Mandalay
a boy with his baby brother
a Burmese landscape
Pagan #1
Sri Lanka a pink wall at Galle
a shady tree in Galle
student reading book on Kandy lake

coming when I get the courage to revisit her

Pakistan a Peshawar backstreet
a Peshawar vegetable market
Afghanistan on the hippy trail
inside a Bedouin tent
the town of Herat
mud brick stairs
some donkeys
inside a carpet shop



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