'Tin Man' 1986

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A stiff peg leg and the inability to bend at the knees meant this tin man had to kick his leg out to the side to get clearance for his pointy feet. To do this, he had to sway violently from side to side.

I was particularly interested to see if I could get a sense of weight as he bore down upon his single sprung leg. To keep all the parts of this model connected was an interesting exercise to say the least. If you look carefully, you can see his head wobble from side to side.

This tin man has a heart within his chest. He must be on his way back from seeing the Wiz! I think it pumps oil but. It operates on a double cycle, that is two pumps for a complete walk cycle. However the heart moves up and down within its cavity once during every cycle.

Some claim that the tin man is dancing, but I can assure you he is supposed to be walking. Concerntrate on those pointy feet and follow them back under his body. Now imagine a ground of checks moving back into the scene. Don't you miss those checks? They would have made sense of this walk.

What happened to that background of pipes in the preview picture? Well I just didn't get around to finishing them did I?