the rombong

Indonesians call these small wooden push carts on bicycle wheels 'rombongs'.

A little more complicated than the previous rombong, this one has a glassed in section with shelves where all the various ingredients are kept. I know this off by heart. On the top shelf there will be some cabbage, tomatoes and egg noodles. The noodles are boiled in the big steel pot.

1982, Kuta Beach. Some girls enjoying tasty boiled noodles.
A rombong vendor watches the sun set while waiting for customers. He sells roasted peanuts which he cooks in a large steel wok partially filled with black volcanic sand to spread the heat evenly. He serves these in cleverly folded paper cones usually made from recycled school exercise books. Soon he will light his lovingly polished acetylene lamp and a bright greenish white glow will define his little entrepreneurial world in the dark.
Some of the more prosperous rombong businesses now have portable four-stroke generators to light fluorescent tubes and drive loud music. When I first came to Bali in 1973, there was only the soft friendly yellow glow of these little kerosene lamps (below) to make a night sale by.
kerosene lamp
Visit a pasar malam?
Roasted peanuts for sale on the black volcanic sands of Sanur Beach. This is the 'local' beach of the area. The tourist beach a few hundred meters away consits of tons of white coral sand mined from the shore of Kuta Beach (pictured at top of page).

Rombongs rule! Okay?
(hiss boo MacBig)