the Samlor of Thailand

Twilight, and a Samlor driver and
his gleaming machine wait for
customers on a busy intersection
in a North Eastern town in Thailand.
The young man's T-shirt says
'World Famous Ski Champion'.
I guess he fits snow chains on
the wheels of his Samlor to climb up
to those renown Thai ski resorts.
In the background, blurred by this
time exposure, a tuk-tuk (a motorised
version of the Samlor) rushes past.
Look at the gorgeous swan-like proportions of the elegant Thai 'Samlor' with all its delicious lovingly polished chrome work. It looks like a frisky light weight racer compared to the heavier over-engineered British designed Trishaws of Malaysia. Samlor means 'three wheels', a perfectly adequate description of these machines. Unlike the Indonesian Becak and the Malaysian Trishaw, the driver pedals from the front of the vehicle. The passengers also ride a lot higher off the ground than these lower-slung counterparts.
or shhh...
created 23 september 1998
modified 1 october 2002