the asian squat toilet

A 'kamar mandi' (room of bathing) in a cheap hotel in Jogakarta, Indonesia. This, of course is a posed shot. I'm actually wearing underpants. Maintaining your balance is the hard part, but it makes for a very heathly position. The tub of water on the left is the 'bak mandi'. You don't get into it, but rather splash water all over yourself with that blue plastic dipper (which you just used to flush things away from the inspection pan. Taking a shower this way is so very refreshing in tropics.

I remember before I headed off overseas to asia in 1973, friends who had been there would relate their worst stories about toilets which were, well, somewhat different from the ones we were used to. Hearing some of these tales was enough to make you think twice about heading off at all.

When I came back, people were most curious not only about the food I ate, but what happened to it. So I took this picture to help enlighten them. As any traveller to exotic places knows, tales of traumas involving tummy upsets and toilets can fill an evening of entertaining yarns as you exchange experiences, pleasant and otherwise, with your fellows.

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