This happy little scene of saronged teenagers playing a game beneath the cooling shade of a grand old tree was photographed in 1982 on a Sunday afternoon outside the Magistrate's Court of Galle, an old fort town on the South East coast of Sri Lanka.

Whenever I get out into the Australian bush, which is sadly all too rare these days, I make a point of hugging a tree. Not for any whacky New Age reasons, or because my cheek feels good against its bark (which it does) but out of respect for these these humbling wondrous living organisms which transpire the oxygen we breathe.

What, I can't believe this. You've just confessed to tree hugging on the Internet?! Sure, why not? It makes you kinda feel connected to the earth. Try it. I suggest you start with a sapling first, then work your way up. Yeah, right... tsk tsk tsk... d...head.

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