a Javanese tailor

The distorted perspective resulting from a 24mm lens really puts you 'in' this picture.

A 'Tukang Jahit' or a 'craftsperson of sewing' stokes up his coal fired iron on the footpath outside his shop in Bandung, central Java. This old iron was far more reliable than the electricity of that time and it does a great job. Look at those creases in his pants.

Immaculately dressed and a walking advertisement for his skills, this tailor is sporting the very latest in '70's fashion. Wide flare trousers and a body shirt of bold print featuring generous pointy collars.

You can just see his treadle driven 'Singer' sewing machine in the top right hand corner of the picture. There is no glass in the window. Folding wooden shutters provide security during the night.

The tyranny of global brand names has arrived in third world countries. Pushed by insidious advertising campaigns which put out the message that unless you are wearing Smoochie, Goochie or Nikoff, you are a lesser being and life is just not worth living.

Stuff from the sweatshops where speed of manufacture is of prime import and made with far less care is beginning to nudge out the inexpensive but finely crafted clothes handmade for individuals by tailors such as the one above. If its not a genuine band name, its uncool.

or an Indonesian recipe