toy peddler

This photograph was taken in Singaraja, the old Dutch capital of Bali on the North coast of the island. That is an old Dutch colonial building with its shutters and crusty white washed walls. If you've got a friendly low contrast monitor, you should just be able to see some nice wrought iron supports in the shadow beneath the verandah.

Incessantly honking a bulb horn, peddlers like this man ply the back streets of Indonesian towns in the hope of passing a house where a child might be having a birthday party. With balloons, cheap toys, whistles to blow and horns to honk, he carries all the trimmings to make the occasion a memorable if noisy one for all. He can even provide entertainment with some simple magic tricks.

In Indonesia, each salesman has his own distinct call. Whether it be a sing-song shout, a cow bell, a china plate, or a wooden clapper struck with a unique rhythm. This helps the householder identify those selling items they may need. Brushes, a quick snack of noodles, roti, or perhaps its time to get those knives and scissors sharpened.

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