the trishaw


All throughout Asia pedal power is used to convey people and goods and although the design of these machines varies from country to country, and sometimes even from region to region, they are fundamentally based on the bicycle.

In some cases the passengers sit in front of the driver like this Malaysian Trishaw (above) from Alor Star, in others, behind the driver, or even in the side-by-side arrangement (at left) where the passenger seat is kind of an outrigger. These machines usually have some sort of folding cover to shade customers from the hot sun or to keep them dry during tropical downpours. The drivers usually carry large sheets of clear plastic which they tuck into every nook and cranny for further protection against inclement weather.
more Malaysian Trishaws?

    This handsome Trishaw, ablaze with reflectors, was photographed parked in a back street of Kota Bharu, North Eastern Malaysia. The century-old brick wall to the left was deliciously covered in moss. Inexorably entwined in its crumbling mortar were the roots of a huge Banyan tree whose enormous canopy threw this section of the road into near tunnel-like darkness.  
  or other kinds of wheels