the Malaysian Trishaw #2

A Malaccan Trishaw with its passenger-at-the-side setup. To me its decorations have echoes of Portugal. With a tummy a little too fat to imagine him pedaling all day long in the hot sun, this driver waits in his vehicle on a balmy Malaccan night, hoping to do business which is more profitable than merely transporting passengers a few kilometers for a few Ringgit. Many Trishaw drivers use their machines as a means to value add beyond the spinning of pedals, offering services and substances, some legal, some not, mainly to tourists on a night out in town.

Photographed in the backstreets of Georgetown, Penang.

With his face glowing red from the colours of an advertising umbrella, this old Chinese Trishaw driver is typical of many of his vintage who spend the last years of their working life in the employ of wealthy families, taking their children to school and bringing them safely home again, or waiting patiently in mansion courtyards until their services are needed for an afternoon Ma Jong party.

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created 8 april 1999
modified 1 october 2002