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ASAP2000 ASAP2010 and ASAP2400
Surface Area Analyser's


RMIT School of Applied Sciences  Micromeritic ASAP 2000, ASAP 2010 and ASAP 2400 Surface Area Analysers
supplied by PsS
Particle and Surface Sciences

These Instruments can perform the following tasks

  1. Determine Surface Area's Using Gas adsorption (Nitrogen, Krypton, Argon or Carbon dioxide).
  2. Single and Multi-Point BET Surface Area.
  3. Langmuir Surface area.
  4. Halsey or Harkins-Jura Equations.
  5. Full adsorption and desorption isotherms.
  6. Mesopore Volume and Area Distribution by BJH method.
  7. Micropore's by (t-Plot, Horvath-Kawazoe, MP-method or Dubinin).
  8. Total Pore volume.
  9. Chemisorption.( Metal Dispersion, Metallic surface area ).

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