Basic Sample Submission Procedure

When submitting a sample for analysis, complete and attach an Internal Sample Request form. Answer as many questions as possible. If your sample is unknown please put in as much info as possible a mass range would be appreciated.

Please Note all samples must be placed in a suitable sealed sample vial. Samples in beakers, flasks etc will not be accepted.

Bring your completed form along with your sample to RMIT Chemistry Dept Building 14 level 12 Room 37 Leave your form and attached sample on bench.

If you are not sure of which ionization technique to request please have a look at some of the tutorials that can be accessed from the mass spec page.

A basic sample would normally be done a follows
Positive Electron impact (library searchable)
If no Molecular ion visible Positive CI would be used.
For other techniques please discuss them with Frank Antolasic before requesting them.

Sample Requirements

For most organic samples, approximately 2mg of sample is ideal. Each sample must be properly labelled with the submitter's name and sample ID.
Please attach the vial to the request form. This can be done by putting the vial in a plastic sample bag and stapling it to the form.

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Last Update Wednesday, 02 June 2010
By Frank Antolasic