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 Mass Spectrometry Instruments

The RMIT University Mass Spectrometry Facility is located in building 3, level 3 on the RMIT University City Campus at 124 La Trobe Street Melbourne Australia and provides mass spectral services, support, and research to investigators within the School of Applied Sciences. Requests for Mass Spectrometry services are also taken from outside sources.

 Mass Spectrometry Instruments

Perkin Elmer Axion II LC TOF with DSA (Direct Sample Analysis) source.
Perkin Elmer TGA-FTIR-GCMS Hyphenated TGA-FTIR-GCMS.
AB Sciex Qtrap 2000 LC/MS/MS
AB Sciex QStar Elite QTOF mass spectrometer.
Bruker AutoFlex Speed MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer.
Varian Saturn 2200 GC/Mass Spectrometer.

Now retired   (some parts and boards available )

Micromass Platform II Electrospray Mass Spectrometer.
Bruker Biflex MALDI TOF Mass Spectrometer.
Agilent 5970 GCMS.
Kratos MS25.
Finnigan LCQ.
Waters ZMD.

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