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Best of AIM at ACMI

Bert by
Craig Ross

PROGRAM 1 - Monday 11 August, 2003


Bert by Craig Ross
Claymation, 1993, 5:56
A portrait of a bachelor who's personal and home hygiene is very sadly lacking... until his sink steps in to lay down the rules.

Loco morphosis by Loc Huu Nghe
Puppet 2D & 3D digital animation, 2001, 4:40
From Vietnam to Australia, the tale of a young Vietnamese boy finding his way in a new country. Learning to call this new land home. Dealing with issues of racism, individuality, pressures of society and the traditions of family, Loco morphosis ultimately examines the life of the ever-growing boy in his new world.

Noelene Giblet's Big Snatch by Sue Earl
Hand drawn/2D computer animation, 1996, 13:19
Noelene, an avid fan of the X Files, dreams of being saved by Moulder. Her wish almost comes true when the grumpy lady is abducted by slimy aliens. Noelene finds things on their space ship simply aren't ship-shape. She is returned home from her alien abduction, a happier if changed person.

Robot Cycle by Elena Popa
3D Computer animation, 1992, 3:17
A female robot, having come to the end of her useful life, reflects upon happier times. She has one last gift for the world.

Raising The Steaks by Steven Piscopo
2D hand drawn animation, 2000, 1:56
A cow is sent to the bottom of the harbour wearing concrete shoes. Time is running out in this watery graveyard. What is she to do?

Preserving Wax by Monica Syrette
Puppet animation, 2000, 9:53
A dark story of an obsessive relationship between the strong and the weak, of oppressive control and eventual freedom.

Owed to Jac Karovac by Kathryn Mew
Paint on glass/collage animation, 1996, 1:17
A jazz inspired animated homage to Beat poet, Jac Karovac.

Interactive video teasers:

Idea-ON>! by Troy Innocent
3D/2D animation interactive, 1992
Idea-ON>! presents the manifestation of fragments of my own personal reality in what appears to be a living, breathing world. The work offers the user many different forms of engagement through four new realities, each prototyping different aesthetic, structural and communication based approaches to virtual space. It is interactivity for interactivity's sake.

Haiku dada by Felix Hude
Hand drawn interactive, 1993
Explore the culture and contradictions of Japan. View beautiful woodblock prints in motion, select a haiku. Look into the personal profiles of typical Japanese citizens. Make your own haiku! Loads of fun for the culturally wise or just plain curious. Recommended by four sumo wrestlers out of ten. Basic Japanese and English phrases throughout.

The Swear Club by Michael Buckley
Live action/2D Interactive, 1994
An interactive work about a boy's secret society for swearing that draws upon film, dance, sound poetry, animation and graphic design. Interaction with the work produces complex rhythmic visual and aural patterns.

Three Mile Creek by Alyssa Rothwell
Hand drawn Interactive, 1996
An interactive anecdotal account of a childhood experience in rural Australia. Full of playful activities.

autograph by Mark Lycette
3D/2D Interactive, 1994
An interactive work focusing on the use of eloquent graphics and innovative interface screen design for navigation. The work deals with themes such as humanity, organics and technology.

Writers Block by Nicole McKinnon
Hand drawn interactive, 1999
An interactive designed to inspire as well as inform those wishing to take "the ultimate solo ride" of becoming a writer.


Amnesia by Thomas Pullar and Jonathan Nix
Digital video animation, 2002, 3:46
A music video clip set to a song by the Australian group, Machine Translations.

Take Me to Your Lager by Patrick Crawley
Hand drawn animation, 2000, 4:52
An alien arrives at an outback pub to sample the local customs. But the regulars have seen these kind of guys come and go before.

Killjoy by Alistair MacInnes
Claymation, 1995, 2:36
The gentle art of persuasion ... and other blood sports. A man and a woman undercover both some unpleasant and surprising aspects of their personalities which lie just below their skin.

Birdie's New Do by Kate Cawley
Hand drawn animation, 1999, 1:53
A chick simply has to look her best. Feathers fly while idle chat passes the time in the hairdresser’s chair. Birdie’s new hair do is a transformation to behold.

Octikuki by Csaba Szamosy
D/3D digital compositing, 1997, 4:23
The elemental forces of nature form the crucible for creation interpreted as a visual poem

The 5:19 by Wade Clark
Hand drawn animation, 2001, 2:11
Commuting back home by train is a normal enough activity. The 5:19 seems full of weirdos today. But its always been that way.

Fog Eyes by Hamish Koci
Hand drawn animation, 2002, 5:44
A little girl goes to a hospital run by a religious order to have an operation to help her see better. A nursing nun tells her all about God, Satan and her soul. Forearmed with this information, she finds her own cure. Set to a poem written by the director.

All Ears by Ben McGill
Claymation, 1998, 5:48
Archie likes his quite life of memories, 40s music, reflection and ritual. All this is momentarily shattered when a pushy salesman offers him the very latest thing in hearing aids.

Shopper by Mic Looby
Hand drawn animation, 2000, 6:00
Its midnight and but for a couple of old pensioners on a mission to buy their favourite items, all seems quiet enough at the 24 hour supermarket. At least the video surveillance system confirms so. Shopping was never this weird.

Program running time: 1 hour 22 minutes


The A List by
Janelle Kilner

PROGRAM 2 - Thursday 14 August, 2003


Mootrix by Steven Piscopo
Hand drawn animation/3D effects, 2000, 7:16
The modern wonder of interplanetary internet chat leads to a long distance love affair. When united for the first time, physical differences suggest the impossibility of this relationship. An overly protective and jealous third party also complicates matters, but true love prevails - almost.

Flat by Sebastian Danta
Hand drawn digital animation, 2002, 4:14
Assorted tales of various lives lived within each closeted flat of a single apartment block. A voyeuristic camera reveals all.

Blue by Grant Noble
Claymation, 1992, 3:38
Travellers crossing a post-apocalyptic landscape unearth a time capsule buried by a now extinct society. Finding themselves in possession of the accumulated wealth and knowledge of the ages, do the travellers immerse themselves in the glorious remnants of a past civilization, or do they just eat them?

Autarchy by Kim Bounds
Live action, 3D/2D digital effects, 1993, 5:43
Explores digital technology integrated harmoniously with nature. Females are biologically linked to the natural environment and the film explores the patriarchal social system using visual symbolic reference to goddess themes. It attempts to incite enthusiasm for women to become more involved with our electronic future

The 'A' List by Janelle Kilner
Digital cut-out animation, 2002, 4:23
Its tough being excluded from a group just because you’re a bit different, especially when you’re still a kid. Sometimes the only way to belong is to impress with your prowess. A school boy takes the quest for popularity to new heights. This gentle tale about acceptance is set beside a swimming pool.

This Way Up by Sharon Parker
Claymation, 1995, 3:25
They meet outside my window to... I don't know, something anyway. A study of a character, his psychosis and the voices in his head.

Pharmaceutical Girl by Dik Jarman
Puppet animation, 1997, 6:30
A young woman surrenders to her drug addiction. Her surroundings transform to reflect her state of mind and the illusion of control she now feels over her life. Of metaphors, mandalas and symbolism.

Interactive video teasers:

On The Hop by Meridith Badger
Hand drawn interactive, 1999
A Kangaroo returns to her roots to discover how her other animal friends have faired since she’s been away.

Coop by Lisa Beilby
Collaged objects/graphics interactive, 1999
Interactive exploration unleases a weird collection of characters made up from all sorts of everyday objects, who give rise to all sorts of fun.

Beyond Connaught Bridge by Mohamad Zaihan
Hand drawn interactive, 1999
Gentle anecdotal reflections revealing aspects of life growing up as a Malaysian child in a village at the edge of the jungle. Its vivid sound and imagery create a whimsical, refreshing taste of village life and the simple pleasures of childhood pastimes.

Totally Rediculous by Greg Zaritski
Hand drawn Interactive, 1995
An interactive animation and game that uses wit and humour to poke fun at the West's stereotyped views about Russia, its people, culture and icons. Made by a Ruskie.


Radio Active by Chris Murray
Claymation shot in-camera, 1999, 2:11
They play the kind of music you want to hear, reflect your opinions, follow your fads, tell you what you want to know about the world. Is it mind control or only a radio station? Keep tuned to your favourite spot on the dial.

Drive by Gina Moore
3D computer animation, 2001, 3:18
You've arrived in a strange city. It's a balmy summer evening and your taxi driver has the music turned up loud. You mindlessly gaze out the window as images of people and streetscapes flash by. A mood piece about cruising in a car at night as interpreted through 3D computer graphics.

Off The Chain by Emma Jackson
Hand drawn digital animation, 2001, 6:06
If you are born a sheep dog, there are rules. Don’t fall in love with a sheep is the first.

Whyspers by Lindsay Cox
Puppet animation, 1999, 7:56
In a perfect world of mechanised function, a virus invades and changes this timeless age old order.

Ned by Dik Jarman
Hand drawn animation, 1997, 1:25
Ned is put in the laundry and told to stay out of trouble. But cats are inquisitive creatures and its just as well they have all those nine lives. Ned is going to need some of these in this little adventure.

Forever Young by Michael Buckley
Hand drawn digital animation, 1993, 7:39
A 40th birthday. The only way to cope is to lock the door, drink lots of beer and put a brown paper bag on your head. A rage against age.

Le Maison de Cochon by David Harris
Puppet animation, 1997, 4:12
What better than a nice tender cut of baby roast pork from a restaurant which specialises in it. This unsuspecting customer is delighted with the courteous efficient service and the presentation of his meal. Unfortunately he will take a while to digest it.

COG by Irina Goundortseva
Digital cut-out animation, 2000, 5:45
The story of a mechanical production-line worker who by chance finds a unique place in his soul for artistic pursuits. But the closed-mindedness of his society of fellow machines allows no place for difference.

Les Grenouilles by Kate Cawley
Tabletop animation, 1999, 5:48
The story of love lost and won again in three soliloquies. A romance set on ice to music and lyrics in the tradition of a Hollywood dance musical – except they’re frogs!.

Program running time: 1 hour 23 minutes


memo by
Matthew Riley

PROGRAM 3 - Friday 15 August, 2003


Essence of Terror by Sophie Raymond
Claymation, 1997, 4:49
An inquisitive boy explores all those wonderful bottles and jars in the bathroom medicine cabinet. Things develop more quickly than mother nature intended.

Sintu by Elena Popa
Computer manipulated live-action, 1992, 1:39
Colours swirl to the eternal rhythms of dance.

The Last Straw by Roman Stolz
Hand drawn animation, 1998, 7:17
What happens when the worlds of big business, industry, entrepreneurship, entertainment and the resources of this planet are all harnessed for the benefit of us, the consumer? Nobody cares.

Achilles Heel by William Trumble
Claymation, 1993, 3:26
Henry, a pathetic no-hoper, gets sucked in by the power of big budget advertising. He buys a pair of rocket boots to become a desirable ‘Cyberguy’ and uses them with disastrous consequences

Shift by John Power
Live action & 2D/3D digital animation, 1995, 9:18
MAGPIE, n. A bird whose thievish disposition suggested to someone that it might by taught to talk. Ambrose Bierce, 1911.

Out Of Time by Antony Nevin
Puppet / digital animation, 2000, 4:57
A man at the end of his days reflects on his life as he browses through his diary, awash in a bath tub and in memories of things past.

Mr Sweetie by Nicholas Kallincos
Hand drawn animation, 2000, 2:25
A wind swept park on a cold winter’s day could be a bleak place for children to play but not when ‘Mr Sweetie’ is around to satisfy a child’s cravings.

Interactive video teasers:

Pursuit of Happiness by Lindsay Colborne
Hand drawn Interactive, 1996
The eternal quest for happiness is now a game you can play. Full of wit and wisdom, you can chose the path towards nirvana or oblivion. Be distracted, if entertained, by things of the material, or pursue a more spiritual level of development. Only you can decide.

Voyager by Diana Janiki
Hand drawn/photo collage interactive, 1997
Discover the world of colour and help Wendy escape her world of grey.

City of Spare Parts by Samantha Fermo
Hand drawn/photo collage interactive, 2000
A city is the sum of its parts. Discover and map this digital city.

Creator by Stella de Ville
Hand drawn/computer graphic interactive, 1997
Alchemies of fire, air, water and earth give rise to new creations. The user mixes these elements within the crucible.

Memo by Matthew Riley
2D composited interactive, 1999
Memo is a journal-like collection of imagery, text and observations that looks at the permeation of the mediascape, technology and popular culture with the everyday.


The Greatest Story Untold by Paul English
Puppet /2D digital animation, 1998, 4:45
With nothing but the bare walls of their cave for inspiration, two cavemen and one cavewomen apply their philosophical powers to the meaning of life, the future and their place in the order of things. Two of them are wrong.

Murmur by Kate Matthews
Hand drawn animation, 2001, 7:21
A whimsical tale about a man’s awkward and mostly confusing relationship with his heart.

The Mascot by Hans Brekke
Hand drawn animation, 2002, 4:57
Set on a remote Pacific island sometime after WWII, this is the story of an unusual friendship between a shell-shocked goat and a vain parrot with a dark secret.

Wrong Decision by Hae Jung
3D computer animation, 2000, 4:12
A rather ordinary looking plastic key chain toy falls madly in love with a beautiful music box ballerina figurine and embarks on a mission to set her free from her rotating pedestal. The hero’s efforts are hardly rewarded.

Phizzog by Sally Gross
3D/2D computer animation, 200,1 4:47
A little girl is put to bed by her mother. She sees another girl in her room beckoning from the shadows behind her door. Like Alice, fatefully, she follows into a world of the bizarre. What are shadows anyway?

Drug Pig Bitchus by Kiera Poelsma
Hand drawn animation, 1994, 3:52
Relive the sizzling seventies when Janis Frances Jealous Bitchus takes the 'trip' of her life with the aid of her psychedelic concoctions of ordinary household products from the kitchen cabinet.

Penguins off the Page by Jon Rowdon
Claymation / live action, 1995, 8:10
The peculiar magic of wildlife comes to school. Today's biology lesson is about different species of penguins. The class room is stuffy, the students are restless and the teacher drones on and on. But his lecture goes surprisingly well when aided by the transformation of paper spit balls creatures who take over his desk to illustrate the topic.

Hello by Jonathan Nix
Hand drawn digital animation, 2002, 6:31
A story about the eternal quest to communicate. In a digital world, can analogue find companionship? A lovesick loner struggles unsuccessfully to find the right words. A wise old gramophone has the answer.

Program running time: 1 hour 23 minutes

Screening at:
Australian Centre for the Moving Image
Federation Square, Melbourne
Monday 11, Thursday 14, and Friday 15 August.
Session times: 6.30 pm
Ticket Prices: Adult - $11, Student/Concession - $ 9
Restricted admission to 18 years and above.

AIM wishes to thank ACMI staff to their help
in organising this event. In particular
Gael McIndoe, Brendan Wall and Paul Sutton

A big AIM hug to John Sharpe whose meticulous
cataloguing helped us navigate our vast
11 year archive.