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From 2005 a loans scheme called the Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP) will be introduced. FEE-HELP is a loan programme that assists eligible fee paying students to pay their tuition fees while studying at an approved higher education provider. Australian citizens and holders of a permanent humanitarian visa are eligible for FEE-HELP. Students may obtain FEE-HELP for accredited postgraduate award programmes including higher degrees by research. Eligible students can borrow up to the limit of the tuition fee charged by their provider. No loan fee applies to a FEE-HELP loan for fee paying postgraduate study For further information:

program structure

This Master of Arts by Coursework program is a 1.5 year full-time three semester program with an exit point at Graduate Diploma after two semesters of study. The 3rd semester of this program is also available to past AIM graduates allowing them to convert their Graduate Diploma to a Master of Arts Degree. This coursework program is designed to prepare its students for direct high level creative and managerial engagement with the Animation & Multimedia industries. For an understanding of the areas of learning covered in semesters 1 and 2, please read the detailed information found on the links below. A brief outline of the subjects in each semester follows.

semester 1


Assigned Projects (COSC1002)
First semester is a time to build confidence. A series of assignments, projects and production exercises are set to develop familiarity with foundation craft skills that lead to artistic and technical control over the medium. During this time, students also gain an insight into the various production stages, from script concept to on-screen realisation, that are required to see various types of projects to their successful conclusion. First semester is also a time for play and experimentation. Students have the opportunity to explore a wide and diverse range of production techniques in order to discover what genre, medium and mode of production work best for their individual talents and ideas. Concurrent with these activities, formal script writing classes help the student to progressively refine a major project proposal to be undertaken during the second semester.

semester 2
Graduate Diploma Portfolio (COSC1003)
The prime objective of the second semester is the application of the knowledge gained in semester 1 to the creation of a published self-directed personal work, or works. These are expected to be of a high artistic and technical standard suitable for public exhibition and subsequent distribution. Students are free to choose any genre. Depending on personal funds and resources, students may elect to publish works on either film, video tape, CD-ROM, DVD, web pages, or other digital media types. A public screening and exhibition of student projects is integral to the course and celebrates the year's work. The reaction of an audience helps the student judge the success of their work more objectively. Student productions have been exhibited at major local and international film festivals, at prestigious computer graphics and interactive seminars, and have won numerous awards in open competition both in Australia and overseas.

Completion of semesters 1 and 2 constitutes the qualification: Graduate Diploma in Animation & Interactive Media. Students may exit the program here, or continue for another semester of study.
The third semester of study includes the following modules:









semester 3

Multimedia Business Skills (COMM2069)
This business orientation module will equip students with a better understanding of common business principles and practices specific to the multimedia and animation industries. It will cover topics such as professional practice, preparation of diverse documentation, legal and moral obligations of the multimedia practitioner, how it set up and market a business, understanding and formulating contracts, intellectual property, communication with clients, tendering, marketing, project management and responsibilities arising from working within a team. This module is delivered by an industry practitioner who has devised extensive self-paced learning resources.

Research Strategies (COMM2068)
This course module will develop the student's ability to undertake a systematised investigation of any given topic. This will occur through the study of various research methodologies and of the outcomes of exemplary research investigations. Familiarisation and utilisation of appropriate research strategies will help inform the documentation process required in the following course.

Project Analysis and Evaluation Report (COMM2070)
Students will be required to critically reflect on their first two semesters of studio practice and screen narrative work, particularly within the context of their second semester Major Project produced in COSC1003. This critical reflection will draw upon each student's own archive of experimentation, concept development, technical proofing, decision-making, time management and production methods deployed to create their work and will be documented in a highly focused illustrated 7,000 word report. Students are expected to apply the knowledge gained in Research Strategies (COMM2068) to use appropriate research strategies and comparative processes to look outside the object of their case study investigation in order to locate it within a relevant set of cultural, technical or theoretical references (a discursive context). Each student will be assigned a supervisor with the appropriate expertise to oversee the compilation of the report. The practical research, reportage and communication skills developed by this module will help the student to work professionally within a collaborative industry environment, and to be acutely aware of the importance of trends, influences and a wider historical and cultural frame of reference when developing new projects.

Completion of these third semester modules, in conjunction with semesters 1 and 2 will constitute the qualification: Master of Arts (Animation & Interactive Media) by Coursework MC132.

application procedures
Application procedures for the Master of Arts by Coursework (AIM) are the same as our Graduate Diploma program. For information about making an application, <click here>. For more detail about the topics covered by the program, click on the links below.

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