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We live in a time of exhilarating change. Technological advances have provided exciting new frontiers for artistic exploration, expression and communication. The world has become a "global village".

The Centre for Animation & Interactive Media encourages and facilitates excellence in innovative research that advances and develops the fields of interactive media, animation and the cinematic arts. The Centre's Research Program endeavours to add to the body of knowledge about the medium through artistic, technical and intellectual investigation and reflection in ways that influence and define its future.

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The Centre's research focus can be broadly catagorised as follows:- multimedia, animation, the cinematic arts, computer games, new media, human computer interaction, networked environments, 'on-line' publication, and writing for the medium. Candidates within the current program are engaged in a rich and diverse range of research projects. The following list is an indication of their scope:

• the creative use of interactive media and its application to particular subject matter • the requirements of networked environments and communities • gender bias in computer games • the development of new media production tools • multimedia in the classroom • the implications of narrative script writing for nonlinear formats • the design of physical environments for interactive games • human computer interaction • development of new navigation devices within multimedia applications • therapeutic applications for interactive media • experimental animation techniques • computer games for the visually impaired • user-aware multi-computer installations • large-screen projection of 3D computer animation • testing procedures to evaluate various approaches to multimedia design • multimedia design requirements for a targeted audience • the Interactive cyberspace portrait • an intelligent soundtrack determinator for interactives • using virtual spaces for the illustrated novel • cultural sensitivity as a consideration in multimedia design • acomparative study and production strategies for multi-platform delivery

Other projects seek to historically and critically define the medium and examine its relationship to other arts and communications disciplines. Further information on these projects can be found on our web pages here.

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