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This is a higher degree. Applicants are expected to be mature, self reliant, highly motivated and dedicated people who have a capacity for independent intellectual investigation. Candidates will be responsible for meeting deadlines, providing and completing all requisite documentation, to initiate and keep regular appointments with their supervisors and help to develop and contribute to a burgeoning research culture.

proposal writing workshops

Due to the highly prescriptive nature and format of the Higher Degrees by Research application document and the rigour with which it is examined by the Faculty's Research and Graduate Studies Committee, all candidates must attend the AIM Proposal Writing Workshop at the beginning of their candidature. Inadequate knowledge of the proposal writing and submission procedure can lead to much lost time, disillusionment and frustration over these established and compulsory processes. This workshop will help you refine and structure your proposal so that it is clearly focused and communicates well to people outside our discipline area.

peer group review

At some stage during their candidature, each AIM Masters/PhD student is required to participate in at least one Peer Group Review Committee assessment. This committee provides critical analysis and feedback to candidates nearing formal examination as an aid in the final preparation of their work.

public presentations

A requirement of the AIM Masters/PhD program is for each candidate to present progress reports to their peers in a public forum. Students are expected to attend these Masters Lecture Series presentations throughout their enrolment period. In addition, candidates should be aware of the benefits of publishing their research findings in refereed journals or at learned conferences.

active participation

Candidates are also expected to be an active member of the AIM research community through participation in the program's special interest groups, discussion groups, workshops and special events.

personal resources

It is useful for candidates to have access to a personal computer and modem. All enrolled students receive an RMIT Internet account. Whilst on-site World Wide Web access is available at the University, remote dial in access is not and is best obtained through a commercial provider. Access to electronic mail and the internet is an invaluable research tool.

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