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expression of interest form

1. Personal Details
Title: (Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr., etc.)
Family Name:
Given/First Name:
Middle Name (if applicable)
Electronic Mail:
Date of Birth: (day/month/year)
  (Please provide if you are currently enrolled at RMIT or have previously enrolled)
Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident:

 Yes   No   (please tick appropriate box)

  You are an international student if you are not an Australian or New Zealand citizen or an Australian permanent resident. International students pay full course fees and require an Australian Government student visa for course longer than three months.

2. Which Program?
(please check appropriatebox in each section)

Masters of Arts by Research ( Animation/InteractiveMedia )

By Thesis By Project
Full-Time Part-Time

Doctor of Philosophy ( School of Creative Media )

By Thesis By Project
Full-Time Part-Time

3. Academic Qualifications

Qualification Name - List as Year, Qualification, Institution.

Results - List as Year, Results (HD, D, C, P, N, Ungraded Pass).

4. Proposed Research
Working Title:

Brief Description of proposed research program:

Have you had contact with an RMIT staff member with regard to this proposal? If so, please give the name of the staff member:

Do you wish to propose (a) supervisor(s)? Please Specify:


5. Professional Experience
Industrial or professional experience related to the area. e.g. creative arts, media production, theatre, music, dance, print, radio, film and television.

6. Recent/current employment and/or projects

7. Prior creative concept, content and realisation roles (if relevant)
e.g. author, designer, producer, director

8. Previous research experience
e.g. production, publications, formal research. Please List.

9. Academic Awards
Please list any post-secondary academic distinctions such as prizes, bursaries, awards, scholarships, etc. (attach appropriate confirmation)

10. Other Qualifications
Professional or other qualifications held. (attach appropriate confirmation)

11. Aspirations for undertaking the program

12. How did you find about the AIM research area?

Word of Mouth
Newspaper/Magazine/Advertisement publication
Open Day
Other (please specify)


13. Scholarships.

RMIT offers a range of scholarships for local and international students, including Australian Postgraduate Awards (APA) and RMIT Postgraduate Research Awards, International awards and others. Information can be obtained from the following site.

Please indicate whether you intend to apply for any of these. (Note: you will need to lodge your application on the appropriate form(s) with the appropriate are of RMIT.


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