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"Little else compares with the thrill of breathing life into characters that might never have existed but for your imagination, or to move a large audience of strangers to laugh out loud at their antics, or to keep a person interactively engaged with them and the worlds you have invented, for hours on end. Such are the joys and challenges awaiting those seeking a career in the animation, 'new media' and realtime industries."

walk cycle by won

Since 1976, this postgraduate coursework program continues to build upon a notable history of media training in animation and pioneering work in the development of interactive content that now spans 32 years. It has helped launch the successful careers of many of Australia's leading animators while the output of the program in terms of student work resides in various national collections within Australia's cultural organisations.

A Master degree extension
was added to the Graduate Diploma program in 2001 providing an additional semester of study designed to prepare students for direct high-level creative and managerial engagement with the animation and interactive media sectors of the industry.
This coursework program in Animation and Interactive Media (AIM) became a stream of the then School of Creative Media's postgraduate coursework program, Master of Creative Media, in 2007. Other streams offered are: Master of Creative Media (Film and Television) and Master of Creative Media (Creative Writing). For general information about the MCM program <click here>

Master of Creative Media (Animation & Interactive Media) (MC142AIM)
Graduate Diploma of Creative Media (Animation & Interactive Media) (GD143AIM)

The program runs over three full-time semesters (1.5 years) with an optional exit point at Graduate Diploma level after two semesters (1 year) of full-time study.

The considered orchestration of synthesied image and movement, sound, time and interaction creates a powerful means for the communication of ideas. This rich and intensive production-based program aims to engender an understanding of how to harness these elements within narrative and conceptual structures. It is designed to provide opportunities to learn how to develop and refine original ideas so they can be communicated effectively using animation and interactivity in audio/visual time-based media.The program fosters creative talent through reflection of past practices and new trends via the production of short engaging works. It provides a unique opportunity for students to realise a personal vision for either 'big' or 'small' screens and to build a portfolio that demonstrates evidence of their talents and mastery over the medium through these published works.

This is a postgraduate program. Applicants are therefore expected to have taken a first degree or diploma in any discipline. This program is for creative 'ideas' people who are strong conceptual thinkers interested in animation and interactive media. The program aims to develop the students' ability in the prime creative role of writer / director / producer. This is a full-fee program. There is no option for part-time study. Entry to this program is determined by responses to a short pre-selection task, a relevant portfolio of creative work and an interview.

Past AIM graduates may convert their Graduate Diploma to a Master Degree via a single semester of study.


The Higher Education Loan Programme (FEE-HELP) is a loan programme that assists eligible fee paying students to pay their tuition fees while studying at an approved higher education provider. Australian citizens and holders of a permanent humanitarian visa are eligible for FEE-HELP. Students may obtain FEE-HELP for accredited postgraduate award programmes including higher degrees by research. Eligible students can borrow up to the limit of the tuition fee charged by their provider. No loan fee applies to a FEE-HELP loan for fee paying postgraduate study For further information:

Please read the detailed information available from these pages. Most of your questions will be answered there. Should you require more information about the MCM program, please contact:

Jeremy Parker
Program Coordinator MCM
+(613) 9925 2994

Should you require more specific information about the AIM stream of this program, or wish to discuss any aspects of your application, you are welcome to make personal contact with:

Jeremy Parker
Chris Barker
Kate Cawley
Matthew Riley
+(613) 9925 2994

Animation & Interactive Media, MCM
School of Media & Communication
RMIT University
GPO Box 2476
Melbourne 3001
Victoria, Australia


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