I was disturbed when I first received this object from an un known source (On reflection it was because of a childhood memory. involving my father's assistant Werner and a small winding device for clocks.) I have sought help from several colleagues from the university of Lintz in identifying it's provenance. Initially I thought it may have been used as part of a warrior headdress by a race of people called "austeralias footysupportus" but on discussion with Dr Mic 'Dingo' Looby I came to the conclusion that this was unlikely as the male of the "Austeralias footysupportus" is known to have a particularly forward sloping forehead (especially the genus "Sydneyus swanus" )and there was really no way that it could be worn without looking like a total dickhead. I was still puzzled as to its possible useage and had decided that it was probably nothing more significant than a device for mummifying the offspring of a (particularly nasty ) race called "The Patsy's". As such it is of litle intrest to me so I have donated it to a local church charity. Dr Johannes Blofli March 1997 NB My assistant Barnaby has since discovered a letter and photograph from a Mr Fishslice that accompanied the object that seems to indicate that it was used for more 'intimate ' activities. (A copy of the letter is included here) I have tried to contact the Church but the Reverend Nunce refuses to respond to my calls. It also appears that her church has been undergoing something of a crisis of late. Dr J Blofli April 12 1997

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