The Very Reverend Carmel Nunce:

"This most precious artifact, found by one of our famous archaeologists is a holy relic from the "Church of The Enraged and Unremitting Souls".
This relic is depicted in many manuscripts and diagrams have shown it in use.
It's well known that the "church of the enraged and unremitting souls "was one of the branches of the well respected "Two Minutes or Your Money Back Church".This holy relic was used by the "Two Minutes or Your Money Back Church" as a wafer dispenser on feast days and other religious celebrations.
It was also used as a way of maintaining discipline and enforcing the obedience of nuns and monks. A couple of times the church had to use it as a punishment device. (Remember the famous king Balougar who was turned into a frog in suspended animation, by this particular device.)
Also it had to be used a couple of times on the "Patsy people"
This artifact is of incalculable value to our parishioners, and our bother parishioners of our brother faith, both of whom I am certain sleep well with the knowledge that they are watched over in the darkness of night by the most paternal of the enraged and unremitting undead souls."

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