Dr Johannes Blofli:

This artefact was retrieved by a Ms Susan Tree, who stumbled upon it in metropolitan Beijing near the tomb of Emperor Chin. After completing an initial analysis, it became evident that it was manufactured during the Ming Dynasty using ore from the Shanxi area. Its functions clearly relate to taking astronomical measurements, and the longitudinal markings indicate that it belonged to a sage employed by the imperial family. After the death of the Emperor, the astronomer and his instruments would have been included among the possesions and retainers usually burried in the Emperor's tomb. Exactly how it came into the hands of Ms Park is still a mystery, and there is little hope that she can enlighten us in this respect as she recently sustained a severe concussion so her recollection of the events is not considered reliable. Pending approval, this priceless artefact will be incinerated so that a thorough spectral analysis can be preformed to determine its exact age.

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