I read your review about alien's stuff seriously. but it's really regretable that I can't agree with your comment. I couldn't understand what you are talking and thinking. I think, you have to recognize yourself what an unreasonable idea you have now! who believe that it's came from alien's! it can not be reason to prove that this thing was excavated in Area 51. there are many rumors about alien's stuffs like UFO. Even I believe that UFO is exist and some superior living things are alive in some where. because we don't know all about the universe. and some reasonable analyses and investigations are showing up to us. but it is expansive delusion that's belong to alien's stuff. and I couldn't find any credibility through your comment that's a hi-tech object from alien. I think, it's just came out from your stupid imagination. In view of the results so far you achieved, definitely you've watched too much SF movies and Japanese manga.

It could be more reasonable to justify that was a just toy made by china for children and more possible that was lost by some school boy during the Area 51 excursion. Just forget your a childish idea and better to go and see psychological counselor.

from VR Carmel Nunce