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Title: Apoidea
Director: Alan Dorin
Form: 3D computer animation
Length: 4:42 secs
Synopsis: Once each millennium, on a watery planet I visited late one June night 1995 Earth time, a species emerges from slumber to greet the glare of dawn. A tale of symbiosis between the organic and the mechanical.

Title: Dust
Director: Lisa McClelland
Form: 2D computer animation
Length: 2:09 secs
Synopsis: Dust to dust. Images form and scatter to digital winds.

Title: From the Ladle to the Grave
Director: Chris Hancock
Form: Claymation
Length: 3:02 secs
Synopsis: The killer strikes again and again without mercy. Or does he? Is a can of baked beans a clue to this mystery?

Title: Killjoy
Director: Alistair MacInnes
Form: Claymation
Length: 2:37 secs
Synopsis: The gentle art of persuasion ... and other blood sports. A man and a woman undercover both some unpleasant and surprising aspects of their personalities which lie just below their skin.

Melbourne International Film Festival

Title: Penguins off the Page
Director: Jon Rowdon
Form: Claymation
Length: 8:07 secs
Synopsis: A plasticine animation in a live action classroom. Today's biology lesson is about the different types of penguins. The class room is stuffy, the students are restless and the teacher drones on and on. But his lecture goes surpringly well when aided by the creatures who take over his desk. The peculiar magic of wildlife comes to the classroom.

Title: Shift
Director: John Power
Form: Live action & 2D/3D computer animation
Length: 9:18 secs
Synopsis: MAGPIE, n. A bird whose thievish disposition suggested to someone that it might by taught to talk. Ambrose Bierce, 1911.

Title: Silent Voices
Director: John Sharpe
Form: Collage & paint on glass animation
Length: 8:00 secs
Synopsis: A young girl experiences the tyranny of an abusive father, forcing her to leave home.

Title: This Way Up
Director: Sharon Parker
Form: Claymation
Length: 3:26 secs
Synopsis: They meet outside my window to ... I don't know something anyway. A study of a character and his psychosis and the voices in his head.

Title: Spaghetti Western
Director: Marco Bresciani, Chris Hancock
Form: Cutouts
Length: 2:21 secs
Synopsis: A first animation exercise. Drama at high noon unfolds behind the fridge door.

Title: The Day Everything Burned
Director: Sharon Parker, John Power
Form: Cutouts
Length: 3:29 secs
Synopsis: A first animation exercise. Objects play and everything burns.

Title: Mayday
Director: John Power
Form: Computer composited animation
Length: 3:14 secs
Synopsis: Sequences of richly composited and collaged images play against the great themes of life.


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