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An Image

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Title: Ache
Director: Lloyd Weir
Form: Cut-out animation
Length: 3:05 secs
Synopsis: A first animation exercise. All those phobias you've ever held about going to the dentist are mischievously played upon in this short cutout piece. But was that tooth really part of the problem.

Title: Automania
Director: Duncan Atkin-Bane
Form: Hand drawn/2D Computer animation
Length: 4:00 secs
Synopsis: A terrifying ride in a stolen car told from the perspective of the once proud shiny chrome emblem on the bonnet.

Title: Can You Hear the Dog, Fernando?
Director: Phillipa MacDermott
Form: Claymation
Length: 4:48 secs
Synopsis: Steven, the dog, is relegated to his master's cold, dirty backyard for the night. His incessant barking keeps Fernando's dreams of success at bay. Steven is about to become dog meat, but then Steven is not your average pooch. With canine cunning and a performance worthy of an Oscar, he succeeds in securing a warm comfortable bed for the night.

Title: Miss Showy
Director: Ai Yen Hoe
Form: 3D computer animation
Length: 3:31 secs
Synopsis: Miss Showy, a beautifully upolstered swivel chair thinks she's the ants pants of the night club scene. But once on stage, over confidence can have its downfalls.

Title: Noelene Giblet's Big Snatch
Director: Sue Earl
Form: Hand drawn/2D Computer animation
Length: 13:42 secs

Winner of 'Best Student Animation' in the Australian Animation and Special Effects Awards, Sydney, 1997

Title: Ode To Jack Kerovac
Director: Katheryn Mew
Form: Paint on Glass animation
Length: 3:00 secs

Title: Pig Too Far Gone
Director: Greg Harbour
Form: Claymation
Length: 8:41 secs

Title: Still Life with Aeroplane
Director: Lloyd Weir
Form: Hand drawn/2D Computer animation
Length: 21:00 secs

Selected for screening on 'Eat Carpet', SBS Television, Australia

Title: The True Tale of Maude and Flossy
Director: Eva Lee
Form: Claymation
Length: 7:44 secs
Synopsis: Bored with their existence behind the glass walls of an aquarium in a boy's room, Maude and Flossy, two amphibians, decide to take on the world. A road movie.

Title: CyberKid
Director: Kathryn Mew
Form: 2D computer animation
Length: 1:29 secs

Title: The Couch
Director: Mark Power
Form: 2D Hand drawn computer animation
Length: 1:00 secs
Synopsis: A woman proudly shows off that old sofa she's just had reupolstered.

Title: The Couch
Director: Kathryn Mew
Form: 2D Hand drawn Computer animation
Length: 1:14 secs
Synopsis: From the comfort of our couch and all goggled up with the lastest technology, we watch Sven on the other side of the world take us on a virtual tour of his living room.


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