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Title: Idea >On!
Director: Troy Innocent
Form: 3D/2D animations, Mac CD ROM
Size: 226 Mbytes
Synopsis: Idea-ON>! presents the manifestation of fragments of my own personal reality in what appears to be a living, breathing world. The approach to multimedia rejects traditional flat user interface design, and offers the user many different forms of engagement through four new realities, each prototyping different aesthetic, structural and communication based approaches to virtual space. It is interactivity for interactivity's sake, experimentation with what is possible, experience based as opposed to information based. Things may happen without user interaction, more obscure exploration may be required to find hidden places, or responses given by the objects and beings will vary, often following a surreal kind of logic. Troy Innocent's home page.

Title: Innocent of Facts
Director: Dominic O'Brien
Form: Photo/2D graphics, Mac CD ROM
Size: 14.1 Mbytes
Synopsis: Photographs in the presentation were taken by Dominic O'Brien while travelling and on assignment in Australia. Each photo was scanned and imported using Kodak's Photo CD technology. The production is designed to play the photographic images in sequence, then allow the user to choose and read specific details on individual photos.

Title: The On Beat Kit
Director: Amos Winikoff
Form: Hand drawn/2D animations, Mac CD ROM
Size: 7.6 Mbytes
Synopsis: By selecting from corresponding icons; the user combines sequences of background animations (each having an individual soundtrack) and characters; thus creating an ever-changing movie

Title: The Regent
Director: Tim Ryan
Form: Photo/2D graphics, Mac CD ROM
Size: 117.8 Mbytes
Synopsis: A multimedia prsentation which highlights the facilities of Melbourne's Regent Hotel, and its immediate environment.

Title: The Exhibit
Director: Tim Ryan
Form: Photo/2D graphics, Mac CD ROM
Size: 14.6 Mbytes

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